Rive Runs 60fps, Project CARS Dev Says No Wii U Conspiracy – Indie Corner Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Monday, Jason gathers up all the Nintendo Indie news of the past week and wraps it up within 5 minutes on the Indie Corner Weekly Wrap-Up show.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1504d ago

Just because there isn't a conspiracy doesn't mean the lack of launch date parity won't be a detriment to sales.
A large portion, if not a majority of, core Nintendo gamers also own one of the other consoles for the sake of multiplats that aren't gimped.
Many, if not most, of them aren't going to want to wait, if they really want the game.

Slightly Mad would have been better off trying to make a new game built entirely around the system. The sales chances for such games, compared to multiplats with problems, are far more secure now than they were at the beginning of the Wii U's life.