Japanese Pop Group Causes Super Smash Bros. Criticism

There's a new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS commercial for Japan. The ad introduces the game's Mii Fighter function—how you can create your own fighters for the game. To do so, customized Miis of Japanese pop group AKB48 appeared in the ad. Online in Japan, some were not happy about this.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1503d ago


Nintendo really just can't catch a damned break anymore!

People say their advertisement efforts suck.
Nintendo increases it by contracting people who are popular and will get the word out in a bold way to star as advertisement for the game.
People then whine that they've sold themselves out.

What the f*** do these half-wits WANT out of Nintendo, anyways?
Do they want Nintendo to get more popular advertisements out or not? They need to make up their minds and stick to it instead of nit-picking every incident that crops up!

RmanX10001502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

From what i gather AKB48, while popular, is a lot the Justin Bieber of Japan. You either REALLY HATE THEM, or REALLY LOVE THEM. So i think this is one of those "vocal haters getting attention" deals.

-Foxtrot1502d ago

Imagine if they got Justin Bieber for a Nintendo ad



1502d ago
r211502d ago

I would think that the Japanese folks would be okay with this ad. Seriously thought bands like these were popular to the point they couldnt piss fans off.

KonsoruMasuta1502d ago

I hate AKB48 with a passion. They're like a plague and they are starting to invade everything.
The tipping point was when the Prime Minister used them in a commercial to make his bill seem more appealing.

However, I would never avoid a game just because they appeared in a commercial. These people are overreacting.

Trigger_War1502d ago

Ugh. I accidentally clicked a Kotaku link. I feel so dirty.

TekoIie1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Just remember to check in future ;)

shaw981502d ago

People whine no matter what Nintendo does.