A date with Destiny: Will the most anticipated video game of 2014 live up to the hype

Tech Times: "September 9 is just one sleep away, and that's the date Destiny will hit store shelves, the game that is being dubbed as a gamer changer. However, is Destiny really the game changer we've been waiting for, or is just a fun game that holds several similarities to other video games available right now."

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TheJacksonRGN1501d ago

It won't live up to the hype for everyone, no game ever does. There will always be someone who is let down, due to super high expectations and other factors.

vishmarx1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

i think skyrim somewhat did, considering that the negativity was mostly regarding just the glitches and pretty much everyone agreed it was an amazing game at launch. sure it declined fast but it DID live up to most of its promises.

OT: this one probably wont. the hype for this just through the roof
1) its online only so the obviously obvious day 1 server issues
2) its an fps , cod made it cool to hate mp centric fps's just because..
3) Apparent Lack of content(3 classes, 4/5 areas , low level cap and a good chunk out of the gameplay content is pvp only) and a paid expansion in just 2 months from release,also microtransactions
4) while it looks great , lets be honest , . i mean it can be the best fps mp in a long time but it still wont live up to the most preordered game ever and $500 million budget.

Volkama1500d ago

What are the micro-transactions? I thought Bungie swore off those...

DeadlyOreo1500d ago

Thank god. I thought I was the only one who thought Skyrim wasn't great. Fallout on the other hand.

MeliMel1500d ago

No...not many things do. Just ask the New England Patriots.

Blastoise1500d ago

Shut up about "living up to the hype". Sick of hearing it. It's a video game not the second coming of christ

vega2751500d ago

All I can say (for myself that is) is that im glad I didnt preordered it. After watch many people play it on twitch and some of the comments being posted. The game is major hype. Bungie and Activision did a great job in hyping this game and keeping the review of the game until after the game releases. Guess they feel A angry and disappointed customer is better than no customers at all.

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