Square Enix EGX 2014 lineup announced

Neil writes "The UK's biggest gaming event EGX 2014 is fast approaching and Square Enix have revealed that games that attendees will be able to get their hands on. "

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oKidUKo1555d ago

Lords of the Fallen will be worth a play but personally don't see the point of having Sleeping Dogs there.

PaleMoonDeath1554d ago

Looks great, but.. it needs more Final Fantasy 15, and if possible a touch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

levian1554d ago

If there's no Final Fantasy 15 or Kingdom Hearts 3, it isn't worth my time.

PaleMoonDeath1554d ago

Exactly my thoughts, I've waited to long for those buggers to give us a release date, proper playable footage, or any information whatsoever.

Release date is what we need, TGS is the opportunity they need to take.

levian1554d ago

A year with no news at all is killing me. I thought when they showed us XV it'd be about a year and a half away from release. Now we're looking at the end of 2015 at the earliest, but more likely some time in March-November 2016

Eamon1554d ago

But will FF15 and KH3 have trailers/demos at the conference?

filipakos1554d ago

lets hope we get at least one reveal(two would be extreme for SE) at sony tgs conference as a surprise :P

jay21554d ago

I'm going am I going to meet any of you guys? I'm there 26th.