Bungie: Destiny is the best game we've ever made

Destiny is the best game Bungie has ever made, according to community manager David Dague.

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Gamer19821528d ago

Well the buzz for this game is HUGE right now it could be the HALO beater but only time will tell. Me personally am not stoked for it but may pick up a copy tomorrow.

1nsomniac1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Ignoring the Media & Bungie themselves, who else is exactly hyping/buzzing this game??

The general consensus of pretty much everybody that has actually picked up the game (real customers) is that its flat there's just no spark & generally very boring.

I wasn't going to get it as I'm in my 30's so am well aware of the signs developers use to cover up bad games along with my friends, except for 1 who had a console bundle pre-order. Everyone else is skipping it. I pre-ordered it today on PS4 when the price dropped to £35 but plan on selling it as soon as it arrives for a profit.

@PSIN4MANT - I don't understand what point you're trying to make, who cares if its released in NA yet??

OUROSMAG1527d ago

Funny cause nobody in NA even has it right now.

700p1527d ago

I agree. They are hyping this game like its no tomorrow. So far from what i seen its pretty damn boring. They cant top halo.

cr33ping_death1527d ago

How does all that BS taste? I went to Gamestop and already a huge line so people can finish paying it off. Get off your high horse and let others enjoy the game.

Less than 5 hours now! :-)

nicksetzer11527d ago

Yea, totally not even close to halo, based on what I played. Pretty sure it's just a marketing statement.

strangeaeon1527d ago

It's big, empty, and repetitive. Add to that unreasonably long loading times and it's no purchase from me. Bungie had a good concept and forgot to fill it with things to actually do.

XBLSkull1527d ago

Lol Bungie, if the beta was ANYTHING like the full game, it isn't your best game. Halo: Combat Evolved is.

NatureOfLogic_1527d ago

A lot of Xbox fanboys seem to really hate this game.

OrangePowerz1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

After 4 hours or so so far I like it and I'm also in my 30s.

Nick and 700p, upset that a Bungie game is released for a platform besides if Xbox? Someone sounds very salty.

Is it better than their previous games? Who knows it's very early to say. Sure as hell beats Halo 3 by a mile already.

tuglu_pati1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"Bungie: Destiny is the best game we've ever made"

Like they are gonna say otherwise

MasterCornholio1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I think Xbox fans should give Bungie a chance instead of dismissing them because they are not producing Halo. They did make great games in the past (something you fans bought a lot of) so why can't destiny be good?

Is the bitterness still there because of the exclusive PlayStation content? That's really nothing worth getting upset over.

mikeslemonade1527d ago

Halo and Halo 2 are their best games. They haven't made a great game since Halo 2. Destiny is a major let down.

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GodGinrai1527d ago

its competitive MP does not have the legs to beat halo on that front. A fact that is so painfully gonna get, hammered home when Halo:MCC, comes out And from what is being said , the story is no halo either. So im not sure how it will be "halo beater". Maybe in sales...but CoD sells more than halo, and that game has not got an edge on halos gameplay either.. But I understand bungie is on their marketing spiel, right now.

MeliMel1527d ago

Halo beater....hahahahaha

Destiny will be forgotten when Halo:MCC comes out.

Funantic11527d ago

It is funny tho. Lol. Destiny's first review is 6 out of 10. Yikes that's terrible.

marlinfan101527d ago

ill wait and judge it for myself.

Loktai1527d ago

Well of course they'd say that... Or I Could play playstation fanboy and say "OF COURSE BECAUSE HALO SUUUXXXXXX right.... actually marathon wasnt bad (showing my age) but I Hated macs at that time because the owners were SMUG.

Loved the beta.. bought digital so cant play til 3AM eastern... waiting patiently....ish...

buttclown1527d ago

Yeah the 3 AM thing is kind of BS lol.

Flipgeneral1527d ago

Gotta say, didn't get hype until this week. But now I'm ready!

Wish I could stay up for server launch! EST....

NatureOfLogic_1527d ago

I've never owned an Xbox. But I have played Halo and after playing the destiny beta, I have to say I disagree. Halo is simply you're best game to date Bungie.

GodGinrai1527d ago

This is the problem. They got it so perfect the first time round. I dont blame them for focusing on the co op and exploration (both, factors in halo, but the competive MP was perfection). The less comparisons, with halo, the better for destiny, I say.

Novistador1527d ago

I feel like Halo has better multiplayer.. Destiny doesn't even have split screen coop.

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