Metal Gear Solid 4 released on PS3 - Will Xbox and Wii fall to Solid Snake?

"Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally here, having been released at midnight last week. But will the long awaited final installment of Solid Snake's story help sales of the Playstation 3 enough to allow it to catch up with the Xbox 360, and even start a run on the Wii's incredible lead?"

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CrashSharc3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I'm posotive that MGS4 will do great things for the PS3. But I doubt one game will get the PS3 into the #1 position. It takes a handful of awesome titles to do that. So really, who knows. Either way, as a gamer, I'm excited to see what the companies will do to get/hold onto the top spot.


P.S. MGS4 is melting my face off....

Breakfast3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

If Halo 3 didnt do it for the xbox...Solid Snake sure as hell is aint doing it for the PS3...especially when it's getting released for the xbox


Silellak3779d ago

A single game won't do it, but this will probably be looked back on by gaming historians as "the turn of the tide in the console war."

I mean, everyone knew that PS3 sales would overtake 360 sales overall, thanks to worldwide sales. The only real questions are:

1. Will it ever overtake the Wii?
2. Will the 360 mantain its hold on the North American market?

Silellak3779d ago

Wow, spamming that list like a silly, insecure fanboy totally adds to this conversation about whether or not MGS4 will push the PS3 past its rivals.

Maybe if you were smalling sales figures, then you'd have SOME relevance.

3779d ago
DJtyler3779d ago

I agree. One game will never make or break a console. The ps2 was such a resounding success because it had dozens of fantastic titles like GTA, God of War, Final Fantasy X, MGS2 and MGS3 I could go on forever but instead I'll just stop. Lucky for PS3 owners the greatest franchises from ps2 will soon be on PS3 and that may kill off 360 and wii...

juuken3779d ago

I'm speechless.
This game is magnificent.

jadenkorri3778d ago

MGS4 is not a ps3 selling game, MGS4 was made for the hardcore fans of MGS, it won't sell alot of ps3s, but it will help the sales towards it just like any other game. I bought MGS4 Limited Edition 1st day, and will play it once I grad from college...its the last week, hectic time so no MGS for me for now, its sitting in from of me wrapped in the new plastic and drilling holes in the back of my head...BTW Breakfast i hope you were joking about it going to Xbox, it won't. People who hate the game are probably just hardcore 360 fans who can't get it and say ps3 sucks up and down all the time.... Try the PS3, you will enjoy it, I'll would be enjoying a 360 if MS did better business practices than what they are doing now.. I downright refuse to support MS until they do better

yanikins1113778d ago

"MGS4 is not a ps3 selling game"

Ahh son, you may want to check the news coming in from retailers around the world. Goes something like this...

"Sony underestimated demand" and "We have sold out"

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vloeistof3779d ago

not alone he wont.

but with the help of kratos and lightning

TheHater3779d ago

you forgot Resistance 2, Team Ico projects (2 of them), Socom, Tekken 6, Naughty Dog projects, HOME, White Knight, and Final Fantasy VS XIII

alan0013779d ago

and that secret title that journalists saw

fredy3779d ago

tehhater how do you post this: Team Ico projects (2 of them) Naughty Dog projects, HOME, White Knight"

unknown f%king games and expect them games unknown games, you fanboys are sure delusional i tell ya

when did figthers sell 5 million or more?

Jack Bauer3779d ago

mgs alone is number 4 in a series that you need to at least have an understanding of the other games, in other words it already has a fanbase, and they already have a ps3 or got one this week. advancing GoW3 from ps2 to ps3 generation will be more likely.

Hububla3779d ago

I only ever played the first MGS and i have no idea about the story but i still say that MGS4 is the best game i ever played... the graphics.. the cutscenes.. everything about the game screams quality i gotta pick up the essentials pack someday!