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Bungie's head of production on what would happen if Destiny fails

It's almost time for one of the year's biggest releases - Destiny launches at midnight tonight, so to celebrate, games™ sits down with Bungie's Director of Production - Jonty Barnes - to talk about the impending launch, the impact of the beta, and the studio's hopes for its first game release since it left Halo...

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Community1592d ago
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gamesTM_dom1592d ago
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URNightmare1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The game will be a success. It's a fun game and in a way different to the generic shooters we get every year. I found nothing special in the PvP but the story and co-op is really good. I put several hours in the alpha and a couple in the beta. I enjoyed it a lot but I'm not getting it on release, I'm not sure why, but I know I will get it at some point. I'm still working my way to TLOU platinum, that could be why.

aviator1891592d ago

That's pretty much how I feel.
The pvp in destiny seems disappointing, but the exploration aspects and co-op with friends seems like a blast.

XBLSkull1592d ago

Yeah PVP sucks but the rest is fun. It'll be an initial success for sure but I have doubts to how long people are going to be playing this game. I thought its supposed to be a 10 year game or something, but I don't see that happening. I think most will be done with this by the time the November game rush gets here, and I would imagine most Xbox guys will ditch it for Master Chief Collection to play all of bungies best work.

aviator1891592d ago

I imagine the "10 year game" thing refers to the entire series of destiny games that will follow over the course of the decade.

ScottyHoss1592d ago

Yes, they have said there will be another 3 entries into the serious, so in 30 months time approximately we should get another.

Dissidia1592d ago

I'm curious how the PVP seems disappointing? It seems just as fun as any other online FPS in my opinion. And we only had one PVP mode available until now.

Xsilver1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I think the PvP is very unbalanced main reason i disliked it.

ShinMaster1591d ago

After all the hype, I don't think it'll fail. At least not in the beginning.

They only thing I see happening is people beating the 10 hour long story and stop playing it.

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LazyGoron1592d ago

Fuck man, me too, about TLOU. Definitely getting Destiny tomorrow while I am at work.

I have already completed everything in single player for TLOU. All I have left is that stupid Firefly trophy. I am on Week 10 Day 3. It's a pain and this weekend I've been trying to grind my way to the finish. Hopefully I'll have my platinum tonight and start on Destiny tomorrow!

UltraNova1591d ago

You platinum whores never seize to amaze me, I truly admire your perseverance! Game on !

URNightmare1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Man, I just checked Live From PlayStation and Joystiq, IGN, Greg Miller(from IGN), PSU, MeriStation, and PlayStation LifeStyle are all streaming Destiny RIGHT NOW! First time I see this in Live From PlayStation for a video game release.

FCK!! I know if I get it tonight, I'll never platinum TLOU, god damnit! That's what happened last gen when I got it for PS3.

Johnsonparts231592d ago

pvp only sucks if you suck at it......

URNightmare1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I never said it sucked, I said I didn't find anything special in it. It's just like any other multiplayer shooter out there but they force you to play it because it's one of the requirements to upgrade some stuff in the game.

It's a fun game all around but the open world co-op is what I enjoyed the most.

christian hour1592d ago

the least interesting part of this interview where he doesnt even answer what would happen if it failed, makes the headline. Typical hack journo bullcrap right there. Aside from the dreadful headline this article was actually a really good read, though overused the word "tonic" a bit too much in his answers.

user56695101591d ago

soooooo coop which is not abundant in games now of days and lack of games for next gen. he summed up the hype. you better off adding because its bungie to the list because we know devs that make good games could never make a bad or sub par one.

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ScorpiusX1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

1) Well if it fails you scrap everything related to that failure. 2) Pick you're selves up after being dumped by Activision 3) start over with something new 4) all while watching Marty O'Donnell laughing his head off at you're failure.

The_KELRaTH1592d ago

a new MYTH game perhaps :)

Myth II from 1998 is still going well today!

ScorpiusX1592d ago

Marathon would be cool or Oni.

LazyGoron1592d ago

Based off pre-orders alone I'd say it's going to make money, which = success.

Imagine the hype when Bungie adds the update for inter-stellar space battles with our ship, that's when the came is complete. FPS warriors with a side of hyper space laser battles.

Perjoss1592d ago

Took a day off work to pick up up my PS4+Destiny bundle, I didn't play either alpha or beta so I'm looking forward to just diving right in blind and exploring something fresh.

game on!

Jdoki1592d ago

I am slightly envious of you!

For games from well respected devs I normally keep away from all the screenshots, demos and hype... But for some reason I had to try the Alpha... And I enjoyed it so much I just had to try the Beta :)

So, I've played through the introduction 6 or 7 times, and whilst I have no issue playing through again - it would be nice if I could skip the tutorial / intro :D

jznrpg1591d ago

I skipped the beta as well, didn't want the beginning to feel old. I played the beta of WoW and the first 15 levels of the actual game were boring .

FsterThnFTL1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

It will sell 5+ Million copies and Activision will say that the sales were disappointing after spending $500 Million on the game.

OrangePowerz1592d ago

I doubt the sales will be that low and they didn't spend 500 million on the game, it's forbthe franchise.

I guess 9 million.

FsterThnFTL1592d ago

Yeah Destiny will probably sell around 10+ million but I was mocking Square Enix after they said Tomb Raider was a flop after selling 5+ Million copies.

n4rc1592d ago

Rumored to need 10m to break even.. Don't know how much credibility that rumor holds tho

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