PST Metal Gear Solid 4 review - 100/100

Turkish Website have given Metal Gear Solid 4 a perfect score of 100/100.

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clintos593873d ago

Thats all I need to know because the game deserves it. :)

Superfragilistic3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

If that's the case you're an incredibly sad individual. You have posted on other stories that 8/10 and 9/10 aren't justified by the reasons the authors give and yet you're quite happy to blindly accept a 10/10 without any reason given?!

The game is no doubt awesome in my opinion. But I'd like to understand why others feel the same. What they liked and didn't. Otherwise what's the point of a review in the first place?!


And according to your comment history you're only up to Act 3 as of three hours ago. I suggest you play through the entire game before dissing people who write reviews on the entire experience.

I loved MGS4, but it's not a perfect game and the second half pales in comparison to the unparalleled first half which is absolutely sublime and the best MGS I've ever played.

Kain813873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Sen ne diyorsun be, bu oyun bir efsane hic bir oyun buna simidia kadar yaklasmadi.
MGS4 bence su agn en iyi oyun piyasda.

Superfragilistic3873d ago

Bubbles for being a smart arse in a language I can't understand! :)

Kain813873d ago

and i only said that MGS4 is the best Epic game this Gen, i have not attacked you or so^^
Sorry if you missunderstood me^^
It was little Joke cause the reviw comes from a Türkish site^^
And it was the first one i saw for along time^^

Superfragilistic3873d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

All good mate, never said you were attacking me but rather being a cheeky bugger by showing off your skills and talking in a language I clearly couldn't understand. All good. :)

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picker3323873d ago

Mgs4 is good no thought!

But it was a little to long cutscenes & little to short gameplay in my opinion.

GVON3873d ago

you should of started the game on big boss mode, also who here went over the bridge after the first encounter with drebin in act 2?

bourner3872d ago

have you tried the game in big boss extream, i just did and i gave up . if you get spotted you are nearly always dead

GVON3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

not in extreme, I started straight on big boss hard and yet to complete it, if I get spotted I normally let snake die, but i like to perfect things, I spent the best part of three hours trying to go through the militia tunnels (act 1 after mk,II) without getting spotted. it was a hell of a lot of fun but rock solid.

If I could have extreme mode now I would restart the game and try to play through it again.

juuken3873d ago

Another perfect score.
This game deserves it. I can tell Kojima worked extremely hard on it.

timmyrulz3873d ago

And heres a review from Litchenstiens website zamaroff macaroff...... People you need to seriously stop searching the entire worlds gaming websites for perfect scores, we get it, the game is good

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The story is too old to be commented.