Rumor: Legend of Dragoon sequel could be the rumored big PS4 exclusive at TGS 2014

While we are waiting for what will happen in the coming days at the Tokyo Game Show where Sony will reveal those exclusives that are being rumored, little by little info is slowly leaking out about the solution to the real problem of the PS4 in Japan: The lack of Japanese type games, specially JRPG's.

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Gamer19821506d ago

Would be a megaton announcement if true but I cannot see it myself as it's been too long now. Would love a Suikoden announced too..

vishmarx1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

ohhh god!! this is gonna be huge if true.

we still have at least 1 megaton (famitsu leak) from tgs for ps4 so might as well be this than another musou game lol.

and i love musou games too. 2015 is looking sick already!

didnt get much from the article though.
it doesnt look like it has any source but the translation shoddy. well hope its true guys,
fingers crossed

also $16 million cant possibly be the budget lol

maybe someone who knows good spanish can tell us?

bouzebbal1506d ago

i would take a few days off from work to play it if true.
megaton indeed!
i am quite happy for the RPGs announced so far, i guess this is only the beginning

NewMonday1506d ago

Yoshida started as a developer on the original LoD, if he brings the indy art touch to a new generation JRPG that would be fantastic.

Majin-vegeta1506d ago

$16 million was the budget for the 1st LOD game.

OT:If true I will run naked down my neighborhood.....good thing I live out in the countryside so no one can see me :p.

1506d ago
nX1505d ago

If this turns out to be true I'll run around naked as well... I loved this game back in the day.

MRMagoo1231505d ago

OOOOOOO MMMMMMM GGGGGGGG I would nearly die from excitement , legend of dragoon was one of my top 5 rpgs of all time.

Withdreday1505d ago

You're not faking me out on this again Sony...

I'll believe it when I see it.

kingfetish171505d ago

Nice! I still have my black label original PS1 copy of LOD. Would most likely revisit it if a sequel were announced.

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Volkama1506d ago

Megaton is a weird term. It implies huge impact or ramifications. A relatively obscure IP like Legend of Dragoon will not be a megaton on those terms.

But personally I'd be thrilled.

RedCloud881506d ago

With the distinct lack of traditional jrpg's the last six years or so, I would call a legend of Dragoon sequel a Megaton for certain. As a die hard fan of the original, currently playing it on epsxe, I would buy a sequel day one, hell, I'd buy a brand new ps4 if they did a special edition.

killacal131505d ago

Well, let's all learn to support this and games like these man, if we do we might start seeing a resurgence of games like this, breath of fire, and Final fantasy tactics remade or sequel ( I hope!!) so let's all support games and devs so they know we mean business when we ask for legends of the past.

Cryptcuzz1505d ago

It would be considered Megaton to me. I liked the game a lot and if they brought back a series like that, it gives me a lot of hope for other great RPG games from the same time period to return as well?

Suikoden anyone?
How about Breath of Fire?
Wild Arms?
Arc the Lad...Grandia...and so many more.

Volkama1505d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the announcement. I have a real soft spot for JRPGs.

But megaton to me means something significant on a wider scale than that. If JRPGs were a big deal to more people we wouldn't be having this conversation about wishing there were more of them, as there would be plenty.

Maybe I my interpretation of megaton is off the mark. It's a stupid word anyway! :)

bouzebbal1505d ago

if you played LoD you would realize how significant this is.
there are some thirsty hardcore JRPG lovers from back in the days and LoD would make so many travel back in time.
i would sign in right away, i want that sequel to happen more than any other JRPG.

1505d ago
gangsta_red1505d ago

Volkama is right, as great as a sequel would be it would not be a megaton announcement that would set the video game world on fire.

I love Jrpgs and it would definitely be a megaton in my corner of reality.

nunley331505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

This would likely be more megaton in japan than anywhere. If it looks incredible it'll have a big effect on last gen owners who haven't bought a ps4 yet. There's tons of JRPG's on the ps3 and many mainly play those. This game is a legend (pun intended) among RPG fans. It'll do well here in NA too if true.

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killacal131505d ago

Looks like they would explode like your bubbles, let's all give this man some bubbles. Bubble for you!

Eonjay1506d ago

They are really attacking the lack of sales in Japan head on. Directly to the forehead.

jeremyj29131506d ago

Lol. That commercial used to make me laugh so much.

miyamoto1506d ago

Gamers will go nuts if ever this rumor is true!

With Screwed Enix floundering on the RPG department this will be the right time to do this kind of thing.

Catoplepas1506d ago

Don't play with my feeling like that. This is just cruel.

Psygnosis3331506d ago

is that lionheart? i remeber this sign from ffiviii i think

Catoplepas1506d ago

My avatar? Yes. Griever, Sleeping Lionheart. Either or.

Psygnosis3331506d ago

I was so little back then, it was so complicated game form me- x) I didnt know basic English lol
But when i sow first boss T-rex damn I took dictionary I translated every
tutorial in the game just to be able to beat him
JRPG's started to roll after this game ,i got so adicted of this types of games like Breath of Fire ,Valkyrie Profile -( one of the best rpg I ever played)
Suikoden 2,Parasite Eve 1&2,LoD,Persona 2
japanese games got biggest influence on me..not like previous gen..360-ps3 era
Ps1 and ps2 era was the best imo ..i think ps4 can repeat that legendary least I hope so

Sorry if i was soo of topic but ..i just got flash back lol

URNightmare1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

A big fanbase has been waiting for this! This would be a huge! I remember ppl asking for a sequel since the beginning of last gen.

Tito081506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Definitely, it's being almost 3 generations since the first game released, and I think it's time for Sony and Polyphony Digital to bring it back along with Omega Boost and maybe Tourist Trophy. As much as I am a fan of Gran Turismo, I would like them to stay a little out of it in order to bring those IPs back or make new ones, I know they can make awesome games outised of the racing genre, because nowadays publishers and gamers seem to want developers to stick to the same games all over again. Not a big RPG fan, but LOD was one of the few I liked, hope the rumor turns out to be a reality.

CernaML1506d ago

Polyphony Digital....? o_O

Tito081506d ago

Well, I think they were involved with only the cutscenes, I can't honestly remember, so my apologies for the misinformation, but I know they did work on Omega Boost, awesome game, hope they bring it back.