Six important tips to prepare for Destiny’s launch

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Destiny launches tomorrow so here are six imporatnt things players can do in order to prepared for the launch day gaming session, including downloading the Day One Patch, creating an account, doing some homework on the classes, redeem free codes and more."

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HoldenZA1527d ago

Can't wait for this game. Its gnna be epic!

Sillicur1527d ago

Me too, I hope it will live up to all the hype!

CongoKyle1527d ago

Time to start saving for a PS4.

Sillicur1527d ago

Definately! I wish i had one myself right now ;(

Sillicur1527d ago

Omg soooo lucky! Im jelly now :) Which console will you be playing on?

--Onilink--1527d ago

The servers are up since 4 or 5AM PDT today. If you get early a physical copy of the game, there is no need to wait until 9/9 12:01 PST. Digital owners (like me T_T) are stuck waiting

fOrlOnhOpe571527d ago

This has been a long, long, week ☺

GabeSA1527d ago

i was contemplating buying it, but for now will put it on the back burner. i enjoyed the beta version, but im not sure that i will play this online but thats not a testament to the game, only choosing wisely for now.

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