Sony release new BRAVIA range

After Sony released a brand new Full-HD line up in America recently they've now released a completely refreshed line up to the X, W and V series in Australia. Some of the more interesting TVs to be launched where 32-inch Full HD models and massive 52-inch models with the works. The new TVs will be available soon and are a great option for Australian gamers.

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cp683958d ago

hell i just cannot wait for the day i'll buy my 40 inch OLED sony bravia...hopefully in mid 2009..and not too expensive T_T

deeznuts3958d ago

I would love to as well, but it won't be mid-2009 that's for sure.

WINZLOW3958d ago

These Bravia line ups are brilliant if your in the market for a lower priced HD TV. Unlike that fake HDTV that Wallmart sells. What brand is that again ?

ta1snake3958d ago

32" Full HD will be perfect for the bed room. Great.

deeznuts3958d ago

I have a 50" Plasma and a 97" Front projection system in my bedroom. Is that too much? I don't think it's too much ... the plasma is for FPS because those make me dizzy on the projector!

60" DLP in the family room for the regular folks.

PlayStation3603958d ago

No way is that too much. :P

Gotta 100"+ Front as well. Friggin' love Projectors. And saving up for a that 55" XBR8. Was saving for an XBR5, but oh well. 8 it already out so you know. :)

WINZLOW3955d ago

i think its actually called "vizio". i was going to purchase my bravia before black out friday(or whatever its called) then i waited for friday and the price cut was dramatic. Before the price was at $4k then friday morning i came to the store and it was for $1,448 with a warranty

i thought it was a steal since i only pay $30/month