How to choose your race and gender in Destiny

Destiny players have to think carefully about what class to play, because each of them plays quite differently at high levels. Gender and race, on the other hand, are purely cosmetic.

That’s not to say the choices don’t matter, because they do. Sure, you’ll be wearing a helmet so much that your hairstyle isn’t hugely important, but the real difference between genders and races is in emotes.

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domford19811554d ago

Anyone able to sign in yet? Just installed it and the patch on PS4, not able to play it : (

Baka-akaB1554d ago

Lol of course you wont , game isnt officially released

Intentions1554d ago

20 minutes (for me that is). Then the servers will be online

domford19811554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Actually I read up since and the servers go online this afternoon (uk time). So when i get home later I'll be playing it. What has official release got to do with anything? If u have a copy of the game and the servers are on then u can play, simples

Baka-akaB1554d ago

I know i meant that they werent up yet

domford19811554d ago

Say that then instead of writing a douchey comment like u did

Baka-akaB1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Right now , you're the one being a douche and taking offense for no reason . Servers werent up end of story

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Paprika1554d ago

I wonder how much money could be raised if everybody donated $1 for the first minute of playing destiny!

Hazmat131554d ago

my female character name shall be "Jenny Frmdabloc"

Darth Gamer1554d ago

OK, so I was only able to play the beta briefly so, can anyone tell me the purpose of the dancing. Is it just a goofy thing to do when your playing or does it actually serve a purpose?

CorndogBurglar1554d ago

As far as i know its jist something silly to do.

Dancing and emotes are a staple in MMO style games. Is this your first one?

Darth Gamer1554d ago

Nope, currently I am loving Final Fantasy 14 on the PS4. But that was my first one. :) I do hope you can play most of this game solo though. Not many of my friends play this sort of game.