Dead Rising 3 Review (Strategy Informer)

From "The zombie outbreak in the city of Los Perdidos has finally spread to the PC, and along the way the horde has picked up higher resolutions, better textures, keyboard and mouse support, as well as a higher frame rate if you so dare to enable it.

The third full instalment – Dead Rising 3 – ditches the mall and larger mall/casino layouts of the first two major titles and instead expands out into city limits. That means, much to fan delight, there’s a whole new scale to the zombie legions to mow down, chainsaw, dropkick and wallop an acoustic guitar over. Thankfully it stays true to the series with its shameless embrace of B-movie shenanigans and packed full of larger-than-life and totally over-the-top villains. Dead Rising has never been one to take itself too seriously, and so it’s not about to start now".

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