Nintendo: Where To Go From Here?

So here we are, we have a release date for Bayonetta 2, the dust has settled and we’ve all (at least temporarily) got over Nintendo’s latest branding fiasco with the 3DS. Times have been hard for Nintendo recently and their outlook was grim but could it be possible for them to turn it all around now?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

They've BEEN turning things around.
The Wii U is showing positive growth, the library has substantially improved, and Nintendo is going to be branching out into toys again for extra revenue alongside their QoL non-gaming projects.

Nintendo, as a whole, isn't in any immediate, or even long-term, danger.
So long as they keep developing and putting out great games and contracting really good exclusives from trust-worthy third parties, they'll do just fine on the gaming front.

MSBAUSTX1527d ago

Amen! They have taken what looked to be a sunken ship and have saved it for sure. Wii U is starting to build steam and the 3DS is killing almost everything.

The New 3DS is going to help on the hardcore portable market. There is also Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros U and 3DS, Bayo 2, Amiibo, then Captain Toad, Yoshi's Wooly World, New Kirby, Project Guard and Robot, X Chronicles, Splatoon, New Star Fox and finally a new Zelda U all in the mext 18 months! That doesnt include whatever announcements that will come from E3 2015 and possibly more releases from that to be released in the 4th quater of 2015.

Combine that with the toys, new 3DS and Quality of Life and you have a Company that is moving forward, not falling behind. They have billions of dollars in the bank and are finally turning profit on the Wii U and its heavy hitters are not done releasing. I agree with you, they HAVE BEEN turning things around and for about 6 months now. 2015 will be the turning point for Nintendo and they are in no danger now or for any time in the foreseeable future.

RPGrinder1527d ago

I do not want to give this article hits. It is factless.

NintendoSonyfan1526d ago

I don't like when I read people saying "I still meet people who think the Wii U is just a tablet for the Wii." I believe this is another piece of info that 1 random person once said on some forum and is now being repeated ad nauseum just like "Nintendo only has 3 IPs" and "Wii U is less powerful than a PS3". I have, to this very day, not encountered one person who has thought that. Yes I have met some people who weren't aware the Wii U was a thing, but anyone with any slight bit of knowledge about the industry would know that the Wii U was a new console. To think it was a $350 tablet that was supposed to help Nintendo's last gen system stay relevant against the next gen systems Sony and MS were obviously making, is ludicrous.