Op-Ed: Capcom needs to stop forcing co-op into every Resident Evil game

'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' is suppose to continue the style of its predecessor and return the series to its horror survival roots. However Capcom is still trying to shoehorn co-op into another game despite how unpopular it is with fans.

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stanr1528d ago

Every gamer would agree that they are tired of co-op being forced into another Resident Evil game. Just make a damn MMORPG already or give up on multiplayer.

sloth33951528d ago

outbreak had good co-op but that's about it

scark921528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

They should remake the Outbreak games or port it, I would like to play them

Kurylo3d1528d ago

Hell yea out break was some real resident evil type shit. Its just sad that when they did outbreak u needed to buy a modem for the ps2.

MrSwankSinatra1528d ago

My problem is the fact that capcom says they've been taking fan feedback, but this co op garbage directly contradicts that

Lord_Sloth1528d ago

Not really because a lot of the RE fanbase seems to like the co-op as well. It's rather split.

-Foxtrot1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

RE fanbase? Sorry but the majority of that fanbase would of probably been introduced to the series with RE5 or RE6 and in my opinion they are not RE fans, they have become a fan of a changed franchise which has become a shadow of it's former self. I bet they wouldn't be a fan of the actual RE games would they

People who like co-op are the people killing this franchise.

Tiqila1528d ago

I would choose a good creepy atmosphere over a co-op any day. But since Capcom seems to have forgotten how to make good horror games, I am OK with a good co-op mode. Co-op was the only thing I enjoyed about resident evil 5, which was also the last game Ive played in the series. If they don't get the core concept right I will not buy another resi game, but if they do and then put a co op campaign on top of it this will be massively appreciated.

Kurylo3d1528d ago

Problem is .. its all a line. Anytime they say were taking in fan feedback.. they are just trying to lure back their original customer base by bull sh*tting. They have been doing that a lot. Like when tehy said RE6 was going back to racoon city roots horror wise.

Then you play the game and the zombies have assault rifles and there are 100s coming at u at the same time and u have unlimited ammo... oh and you dive and roll away from them, use martial arts, and have dual handguns. lol... ok capcom. Jerks.

ShaunCameron1527d ago

But it does make sense for Chris and Leon to have all that. They're no longer rookies. They're trained professionals. Well-experienced. Elite status. Plus the threat they now face are no longer local. It's now global. Way too big for either one of them to take on by themselves. So co-op at this point is logical in the overall RE timeline.

Kurylo3d1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Chris was never a rookie in any of the games. He was former airforce/ military and became a cop as part of a special unit. Doesn't change the fact that he now has unlimited ammo and looks like he is roid raging. Are you really going to dive and roll away from zombies? lol.. or do fancy spin kicks or suplex wrestling moves? Don't know how global or local factors into the horror. It changes nothing for coop. You can have other characters in the story without turning it into coop and giving everyone unlimited health and ammo.

The first couple of re games treated every character as a real breathing person. All these RE games do is make every character some sort of clichy. Chris- the guy from gears of war... ada- the chick who for no reason keeps disappearing from a guy she had romantic feelings for lol cause shes somehow now batman with a grapling hook. Wesker- the guy who is suddenly a bond villain who wants to kill the planet and rule it?... where as in re1 he was just trying to sell a corporations secrets to the highest bidder and make some extra cash.

Kavorklestein1528d ago

I personally don't EVER see co-op as a bad thing. Especially if it's optional.
I think having options is always a good thing, I mean look at how a good game like Titanfall is stunted by it's lack of features and game types.

It had potential to be AMAZING, and it was simply PRETTY GOOD instead.

I never played the Co-op missions in Far Cry 3, (mostly because Nobody else was ever available to play with) but at least the option is there.

lazyboyblue1528d ago

Optional is good. I agree. But resi forces it on you and if you don't have a partner they force an AI one on you.
Just want a traditional RE game from 7 tbh.

MysticStrummer1528d ago

Counterpoint - Co-op is good

KimoNoir1528d ago

Open-World Resident Evil (done right) is what i'm curious about.

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