This Is What A HD Spyro Remake Could Look Like

Jacob K. over at TakuChat gives us a glimpse of the Spyro game we all want but will most likely never get.

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KingKelloggTheWH1502d ago

I would love to see Spyro go back to its roots, I'd prefer a remake to start it off though.I love that game.

BananasGoldsteinberg1502d ago

I keep seeing it in my games list on PS3 and find myself wanting to boot it up but then I never do. Should stop doing that. I rented it when it came out and beat it in two days. Some tired days at school that week.

KingKelloggTheWH1502d ago

I've been playing it on and off for the past few months, it is still dang fun.

HOLDERofFOOD1502d ago

THIS. PLEASE ACTIVISION. MAKE IT HAPPEN. They could work back with insomniac the same way they are with Bungie for Destiny. It'd be great!

Hellsvacancy1502d ago

I had so much fun with these games when they first released, then I had that fun all over again when I played them and beat all with my daughter on the PS3

I'd love a new one

hkgamer1502d ago

i dont think activision will ever release a platformer without thinking about selling merchandises after the success of skylander.

ironfist921502d ago

They either continue rehashing their terrible success with Spyro/Skylanders, or let it die a quiet unceremonious death like Crash, instead of actually giving up the license, or making a proper game fans want.

hkgamer1502d ago

I think if they wanted to they could sell off or license out these characters.

However, I think many people rather create their own.

Companies also like to keep Ip to keep as company assets. Probably worth a lot more on paper then license it out and risk tarnishing their asset price.

Also like to mention that sony was prpbably close to making a crash game. Not sure whose decision it was to change it to knack though. Could be sony. Could be activision. Or maybe they didnt even get that far and changed plans even before dealing with acticision

mt1502d ago

current Spyro is the definition of ugliness.

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