Learning to love free-to-play

Polygon: I have a confession to make.

I played a few different games last week. I finished this year's season of The Walking Dead. It wasn't great. I also checked out Infamous: First Light. That one is pretty good.

But the vast majority of my free time gaming has gone to something unexpected: mobile-centered, microtransaction-heavy free-to-play games. I'm also having a blast, against all expectations.

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Serrafina1554d ago

I really liked when the author got to the point where the writer was frustrated about spending game points or money to keep on playing. I have played candy crush (that's why I was attracted by the image), and it is annoying to wait for a couple of minutes to revive after using up five lives on a level. Despite this unfortunate setup, players do get accustomed to playing these types of mobile games for a 'few' minutes during work or school break before moving on to other matters.