#GamerGate: Phil Fish Allegedly Outed In Racketeering Scandal; Reddit Mod Speaks Out

One Angry Gamer "New information has surfaced pinning Phil Fish, the creator of Fez, at the heart of a scandal involving racketeering. The #GamerGate movement was all about cleaning up the corruption in the gaming industry and this was no lie. While we don’t condone abuse and harassment and understand the fight of real social justice, the ignoring of all the cronyism and back-channel deals could not go without reproach."

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LightDiego1503d ago

Imagine the honest developers who entered this corrupt contest are thinking now. Every day has a scandal with these guys, yes, the same people who are attacking gamers and who wants to know the truth. This is disgusting in so many ways. Let's see what the moron of Phil Fish will say about this.
Look at that blacklist from Polygon's editor-in-chief, Abriael is there, lol.
Great job with these articles again, William, respect.

WilliamUsher1503d ago

Whoa? Abriael is blacklisted? Wow. What did he even do?

You know I'm a little shocked I'm not on there. I've been ragging on Kotaku and the rest of them for a while, lol. Abriael is actually just doing honest reporting -- doesn't matter if we disagree about how some things are done -- I at least respect them for being consistent.

And thanks man, I hate to see the industry I love being taken over by corrupt, self-centered individuals who don't want to do anything more than milk it for what they can.

Makes me sick.

But we're winning. This was like beating a giant sub-boss. We are winning. Stay strong.


radler1503d ago

Hopefully this article gets a lot more attention. I think anybody with common sense knew how corrupt the gaming media was, but to see just how bad it is disgusts me.

Why am I not surprised that Polygon is also one of the most corrupt sites around? Oh, must be that $750k check from Microsoft that tipped me off...

Septic1503d ago

Lol why is Abriael on there? All he does is recycle and report news doesn't he? What has he done that is disingenuous?

XtraTrstrL1503d ago

That's the whole point, they're blacklisting honest journalists to silence any reporting on the truth surrounding the corruption.

Dee_911503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Not everything was factual about the IGF judging process.

Thanks to the video, igf released a statement

Make sure you all take allegations as allegations and not facts, no matter how good they seem.

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Majin-vegeta1503d ago

Wow this is starting to turn into like one of my mothers novelas.

I'm glad all this stuff is starting to come to light.Just goes to show any and everything can have corrupt people.

1503d ago
XtraTrstrL1503d ago

I always saw through all the feminist articles about Zoe Quinn being attacked 'n blah blah blah. LOL @ Phil Fish always attacking gamers, and saying how we're a plague on gaming and making him wanna quit 'n all his crap. They just try to force feed us crap and attack us for not going along with them. They thought they could force people into liking Zoe Quinn's crap non-games, using anti-feminism as a vehicle.

I wonder if Phil Fish and these Indie Fund characters can get into any legal trouble for this? It seems like it from the evidence. There needs to be some sort of punishment for this, cuz we really don't need indie gaming to immediately take the same route as AAA with this level of corruption.

WilliamUsher1503d ago

FBI have already been contacted.

This is -- if the information is to be believed -- fraud and racketeering, through and through.

I contacted the general director of the IGF for a statement, so I'm curious to see what the committee has to say about this.

As for Phil... if convicted, Fish could be choking on someone else's you-know-what.

radler1503d ago

I hope that you manage to blow this whole thing wide open, I really do. At the time of Fez's 2nd win at the IGF, a lot of indie developers suspected that there was something going on behind the scenes given how rules were being bent for Phil Fish, and it looks like everyone's suspicions were correct.

The corruption and nepotism is disgraceful. Also, just a heads-up, but you mention Reddit corruption and moderators doing favors for clients by deleting content from sub-Reddits? You might want to look into the Microsoft XboxOne sub-Reddit, and how closely Microsoft PR is working with the moderators there to stamp out threads, many even coming from Xbox One customers who want to discuss simple flaws with the console that they'd like to see addressed.

Probably not a shock considering their well-known Polygon bribery and blacklisting of critical journalists (e.g. Jim Sterling) that have been previously documented.

Kudos for doing REAL gaming journalism here, anything that exposes scumbags like Phil Fish and Zoe Quinn is good. The sooner these people are removed from this industry the better.

XtraTrstrL1503d ago

Niiice. Good stuff WilliamUsher, and thanks for posting.

gigoran1503d ago

For real? Dude, awesome! Finally we can start to get some justice from all of this corruption. What better place to start than that smug idiot. Keep fighting the good fight brother. #GamerGate

IcicleTrepan1503d ago

It always bothered me also that Phil Fish had to go and Anglify his name. No self respecting French Canadian would ever do that. Phil Fish is not his given name and with French names you do not translate them.

I don't have much respect for him to begin with just from that. Seems like he's ashamed of his French Canadian heritage and cashed it in for a more marketable name.

johndoe112111503d ago

"As for Phil... if convicted, Fish could be choking on someone else's you-know-what."

We can only dream.............

jmac531503d ago

Just an idea but I think someone should start their own "blacklist" of these trash websites like polygon and kotaku. Just for people who can't keep up with all their deception and agendas.

Baccra171503d ago

I rather have Phil choke on BBC.

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