Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend and Pyro Updates

Valve has just announced, in addition to the new weapons, levels and achievements for the Pyro, that players will be able to play Team Fortress 2 for free this weekend starting this Friday.

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dxmnecro3965d ago

Valve just loves these free weekends, don't they?

solar3965d ago

they released info on how they sold quite a few copies on the last free weekend.

any sooo freaking excited. as you can tell from my avatar ;) pyro is my fav toon in the game. soon all the noob pyro's will feel my fireaxe :P

oh...and Meet the Sniper tomorrow around noon. wooo!

JsonHenry3965d ago

I just now got my Medic achievements!!

solar3965d ago


we should hook up and play a few rounds. :D send me a pm.

Condoleezza Rice3965d ago

When it's not lagging,TF2 is an excellent strategy game,I got about 25 Kills with my Sentry Gun once 8)

kwicksandz3965d ago

Or play on better servers. TF2 on a low ping server = best multiplayer out there.

I just hope that the achievements for the pyros new stuff isn't absurdly hard like the medics was. Pyro is my favourite class but they needed a buff. Bring on meet the sniper Valve!

Valve = Canned awesome.

Bolts3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I guess the console versions get screwed, and they say Valve only hate the PS3...they're a PC company folks.

efjio173965d ago

I can't stand this. Valve has pretty much forgotten about the console versions. Month after month, PC users get new maps, achievements, weapons, and updates while consoles haven't seen ANYTHING. what the f*ck, valve? really!

solar3965d ago

its no where near valve's fault the updates havent hit consoles. they want to...Robin has stressed that in interviews. its Sony's and Microsoft's own fault they havent landed onto consoles. Valve has proven time and time again that they care abooot their customers and fix...update...expand on their games. they are not forgetting about consoles....they are just powerless to help them.

monkey6023965d ago

I want these updates on my 360 :(

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