3DS Weekly Deals: Refurbished Zelda 3DS XL $150, SM3DL $20, Pokemon Y/Mario Kart 7 $25 and more

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andrewsimons1529d ago

Is it worth it to buy a refurbished 3ds xl for a regular 2ds price?

jacobvogel1529d ago

Nintendo Systems come with warranty. I would prefer 3DS XL for sure. Bigger screen and better design.

Grilla1529d ago

I wouldn't buy a 3ds atm, not after they announced the new 3ds. You have to hold it at a perfect angle when using the 3d. I leave the 3d off most of the time.

timothyckeegan1529d ago

Is Pokemon White Version 2 better than Pokemon Y/X?

ABizzel11529d ago

They're both great, but X/Y are by far the easiest of any Pokemon game thanks to how EXP share works. You'll level up your entire team in no time, and there's really no challenge because of it. Add in the Megas and it's almost impossible for even a moderately decent player to lose.

The Black and White games have been a great refresh to the franchise for me. Red / Blue will always be classics, Gold / Silver were the best IMO, Ruby / Sapphire were good and I have high hopes for the remakes, Diamond and Platinum brought the Physical / Special split which made it good saving grace, but Black and White finally nailed the story for the series.

X/Y story-wise are a step back, but they're still enjoyable.

If I had to pick one I'd say Black and White 2 are the better overall games, but X/Y are easier to enjoy because they're extremely more accessible.

Tom871529d ago

A lot of retailers are selling 2DS for $99.99 nowadays. Also It's been around a year since 3DS console deals. Are retailers getting rid of these consoles to sell only 3DS XL?

jacobvogel1529d ago

New 3DS systems will be released soon.

edgarohickman1529d ago

$20 for Super Mario 3D Land is the magic price I've been waiting for.

liamn1529d ago

I will wait for the new systems to roll on :)

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