10 Reasons The "Wii Fit Girl" Really Grinds My Gears

We've all seen the silly Wii Fit girl video; the one titled 'Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit'. Nearly 3 1/2 million people have viewed it on YouTube so far. lists the 10 reasons why this video should not have been as popular as it was.

10. Her boyfriend claims she didn't know he was filming the event. Do they think we are all morons?

09. She's appearing on TRL this week to demo the Wii Fit live. Why?

08. She's too skinny to be hula-hooping on the Wii in her skivvies. Skin and bones = epic fail...

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Silogon3828d ago

The japanese are known for their strange, obscure, panty fetishes. This was a ploy on Nintendo's part and one even more profoundly queer than "ALL I WANT FOR CHISTMAS IS A PSP"

Argue it all you want, you know I am right. This girl needs to start eating, dye her hair and stop looking like someone who stepped out of Oblivion. Seriously, she and her quack d*ck boyfriend look as if they were carved out of Ham.

Kami3828d ago

this girl needs to start eating and needs to go to a real gym to do some squats and grow some ass

dribnif3828d ago can stay...awake....long comm....zzzzzzzzzz

Rock Bottom3828d ago

This is as close to sex those nerds will ever get, let them have their moments.

morganfell3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Ha ha, there are some people really laying into that guy on the blog.

EDIT: Too funny - they are busting on him now:

"I smell something to there Will….er….should I say Obiwan. I smell somebody that is a little light in the feet. Decorate much?

I am glad that girl was lean and not some some fatass. Or like the imitating playboy model, a flatass with a side of flab. It’s called WiiFit, not “Will you join me for another bowl of mashed potatoes.”

Here are 10 Reasons you shouldn’t comment on that video, much less have a blog:

10: It’s called Wiifit, not Jenny Craig shakes cottage cheese ass.


8: You didn’t understand her boyfriend wasn’t showing her Hula hooping technique. You = Epic fairy

7: You don’t understand the exciting nature or intrigue of the video. You = Replacing Tinkerbell in latest Peter Pan production.

6: You don’t like women working out in panties. You prefer some other attire?

5: It’s the internet and gaming and you expect honesty? You = Epic sucker dunce.

4: You spend too much time polishing your lightsaber. No wonder 14 year old Princess Leia Abromowitz that lives next door to you won’t let you pet her wookie.

3: Your massive collection of Judy Garland records and CDs disqualifies you from making any comments about a woman’s sexuality.

2: You are not qualified to comment about girlfriends. A crusty poster of Natalie Portman on your bedroom door doesn’t count as a girlfriend.

And the number 1 reason you shouldn’t comment on the Wii fit viral video: You obviously spent more alone time with the librarian video than the Wii fit girl."

w22shadow3828d ago

She can grind my gears anytime...

Kyur4ThePain3828d ago

Regardless of what I said below, I will agree with you on that.

iamtehpwn3828d ago

you stole what I was gonna say =|

Kyur4ThePain3828d ago

A 10-list about a shtty youtube video. Great job, people.

2Negativecool3828d ago

About this probably being a viral video. If there had been a similar video created about Sony's Singstar, I guarantee there would have been people raising hell about it being an obvious ploy by Sony, given their history.

His suspicion raises my awareness about how fake this whole setup probably is.

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