Microsoft To Release Localized Halo 5 Game In China With Chinese Dubbing And Subtitles

Today, WPDang reported that Microsoft is planning to release highly localized version of Halo 5 game for Chinese customers. Microsoft is even dubbing the game in Chinese, adding Chinese subtitles in a professional Shanghai film studio. This localized Halo 5 game should attract more consumers to the Xbox One platform in China.

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christocolus1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Nice.MS must be pretty confident in Halo5. There is no denying the fact,the game will be huge.It also says a lot about their commitment to the chinese market. Would love to see how it plays out in china though..
Now MS just show us a demo of the sp portion of the game,its already no 1 on my list of most anticipated titles. Can't wait. MS show us halo5 already.

700p1527d ago

Thats great that ms has confidence in their product. Halo 5 will be one of the best halos.

Halo2ODST21527d ago

We already seen what 343 can do, Nothing but Failures will follow

aviator1891527d ago


For their first full game, 343i did an excellent job with Halo 4.
Its campaign was one of the best of Halo and its mp, despite its divisive mechanics, was simply a continuation of bungie's Reach mp.
With Halo 5, I feel we'll get a really good feel for what 343i can do with the franchise as an established studio.

Spurg1527d ago

They seem more committed to China than Japan

Codewow1527d ago

China is a huge new market to push into. They're also probably waiting to see the adoption rate in japan, which according to early reports, is almost non-existent?

OpieWinston1527d ago

China is quite literally the Pandaria of this world. The mists have lifted and now the Alliance and Horde are trying to get the resources they can. (WoW reference)

On Topic:
Yes...My buddy in Japan said MS didn't put a lot into marketing X1, which makes sense that they'd market more towards China which is an untapped market and has a much better chance for success.

Ra30301527d ago

Your buddy is not correct....Microsoft went all in on the Japan launch and spent millions of dollars to try and make headway into that market. Hellz they put on a 24hr launch show shown all over the world so peeps could watch and see their launch and though the launch fell flat that's not the point they didn't half a$$ that launch. They had retailers taping off areas for gamers to line up and wait before the store doors opened. Those things don't happen if they didn't put the marketing dollars into it and even though no one showed up to stand in any line Microsoft put the money into marketing their console. The problem Microsoft is having with their console is not marketing and when it falls flat in China lack of Marketing will not be the issue. Microsoft has a trust issue and that issue is bigger outside the USA and they can't over come that and add to that there's at least one other gaming console that is a better gaming option than the Microsoft console. This gen for Xbox One will look a lot like the original Xbox gen where they sold around 25 million now I have no doubt they'll sell more than 25 million but their also in more countries with the X1 than the were with the original Xbox. I'm gonna say 40 to 50 million tops but that's my guess my opinion.

ScorpiusX1527d ago

Can't really blame them the Japanese market , consumers have not been that welcoming to MS since day one. China's a new market why not go all out.

CorndogBurglar1527d ago

Why would they go out of their way to do this in Japan when no one bought their console there? They would be doing all that work for a very small customer base.

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TheNew11527d ago

Yeah, Microsoft are really trying to push the XB1 in China. I want them to do well, so good luck to them.

LightDiego1527d ago

Master Chief could be a chinese all this time, China will love Halo and Microsoft for that.
Jk, good luck to MS in China.

Pinkdolphinyfg1527d ago

I thought game selection was very limited and you couldn't buy any games with any sort of violence in it? Anybody can clear things up?

mkis0071527d ago

thats where the localization comes in

Volkama1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Masterchief is gonna shoot tickle rainbows to make the covenant pandas roll over and purr.

Really though,China does have some strict legislation, but I don't think they're totally anti-violence. They certainly won't be bad-mouthing China in the localised version, but that shouldn't pose too much of a problem for 343i.

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