How to Fix PS4 Auto-Eject Problem

If you’ve never heard of this problem before, you’re lucky, but you should probably take note just in case it ever does occur on your PlayStation 4. Essentially, what happens is that you can be playing a game, or you might have your PS4 turned off, and it will turn itself on and eject the disc in the drive and continue to attempt to eject the disc every few seconds. Needless to say, it’s a problem that is very annoying, but appears to be fixable (at least temporarily) by trying a few things.

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gaffyh1527d ago

Not ran into this problem myself, but might be because I rarely use the eject button because I always eject with the controller, and also I only use the console in the vertical position.

NovusTerminus1527d ago

Wait... There is an eject button on the console?

iamnsuperman1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

And a power button too. They are in the two gaps in the picture

edit: better angle

gaffyh1527d ago

Yeah, you don't really press it, you can just sort of touch it with your finger very lightly and the disc will eject.

NovusTerminus1527d ago

Ahhh, I knew about the power button, but not eject. Cool!

BlindMango1526d ago

It baffles me how so many people apparently don't even know about the power and eject button *facepalm*

hkgamer1526d ago

lol. not sure if you was jking. but i actually had trouble finding it.

i mean i know its on the console, its stupid to not have one, just that i dont really touch the console or even use the eject button at all. took me a while to find it, actually had to look at the console properly.

im also the type of people that struggle with an iphone.

anyway, my ps4 is full of digital games so ive only ejected a disc once.

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Palitera1527d ago


The best thing to try first is to remove every last ounce of energy present on the PS4.

1. Turn PS4 completely off.
2. Remove the power cord.
3. Wait 5 minutes.
4. Press the power button a few times. It will make the PS4 squeeze the energy present on it.
5. Put the cord back on and try it.

The idea is that it could be caused by static into the hardware.

Solved here.

It is worth a try cleaning the eject button too.


b) It happened to me months after I used the eject button the last time. Most of my games are digital.

HanzoHattori1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Removing the HDD cover and tightening the screw is a workable option. I had to initialize my system and reinstall the system software. Luckily, I have all my saved data uploaded to Sony's cloud servers so I didn't lose any data. Now the PS4 is running fine.

JP13691527d ago

"If you’ve never heard of this problem before, you’re lucky..."

Note to author:

You're essentially implying that the problem is widespread, while even a cursory search forums such as NeoGAF says otherwise.

IronFist1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

It is more widespread than people think, the power cycle is the easiest fix. Also Neogaf (as much as I love it) =/= the world.

iamnsuperman1527d ago

I would say 59,000 results is pretty small for a "wide spread issue". If it was wide spread that number would be a lot larger

JP13691527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I didn't limit myself to GAF (hence, "forums *such as* NeoGAF"), but even if I had, it's the largest gaming forum in the world and is full of early adopters (i.e., exactly the kind of people you would expect to encounter issues such as this).
Also, the fact that you get hits from a Google search only proves that there are a large number of gaming-related websites that will happily report on any issue, either in an attempt to inform or to simply generate traffic. And that's not even taking into account forums.

Edit: Nice to see that IronFist only bothers to comment on articles from this particular site. That's cool, I guess everyone needs a white knight, amirite?

rainslacker1526d ago

I would consider myself pretty informed, and keep up on the modding and repairing scene since I used to do that stuff, and people still ask me to fix their stuff, and I have to say that this is the first time I've ever heard of it...and honestly, I know of some of the most obscure problems, and their causes, that consoles have seen since the PS1 days when I started doing that stuff.

If you want, I'll ask around to some people I know. If this is a widespread issue, or even marginally spread, Sony will know what causes it, and they would have access to how to fix it. They don't always let the general public know this stuff, but authorized repairers can get the info.

I know journalism can be hard for writing articles and stuff, but sometimes asking the right people is part of the job for an article like find a solution instead of a workaround.

For this article, I wouldn't recommend most people taking apart a thing, or tightening a screw as they may tighten it too much which could cause damage. A good portion of the repairs I did were because people tried to do that. There's also no telling what other problems some solutions may cause, or how it may just be ignoring a bigger issue which will be harder to fix in the future.

Note:Not saying you wrote the article, or criticizing your arguments, just an observation.

frenchtoast1526d ago

Apparently this has something to do with when the consoles themselves were actually shipped, and they got knocked or something. I wouldn't say it is like RROD, but quite a bit of people have run into it. Also, 59,000 results = 59,000 webpages, NOT 59,000 cases. There could be 10 cases on some of those pages, or just 1.

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LordMaim1526d ago

Thank you. That was the first thing that went through my head when I read that sentence.

"If you've never been struck by lightning while being eaten by a bear, you're lucky."

Technically true, but not really relevant.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago

Oh yeah, my friend had this problem. He just took off the glossy panel and tightened a screw and it fixed it, lol. Weird.

PR_FROM_OHIO1527d ago

Thank God I'm not the only 1! This has been happening to me lately it's very annoying! Hope this works!

TheWatercooler1527d ago

I haven't had a problem like this. The PS4 has been a fantastic purchase for me so far. Easily the best console on the market

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