PL l Tome: Immortal Arena is a Faster and Better MOBA That You Don’t Have to Download

Created by Kixeye Incorporated, Tome: Immortal Arena is a fantastic MOBA with all of the same depth of the competition crunched into 15 minute matches, making it the perfect game for the parent or student alike.

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Magnus7011506d ago

I actually think it is really fun to play.

Stevefantisy1506d ago

For someone who hasn't played MOBA's before its really easy to pick up and still challenging. I was also blown away by how smooth it runs as a browser base game.

qwerty6761506d ago

hmm might have to check this game out

nothing to lose really.

JoeIsMad1506d ago

It's a lot of fun. Worth checking out if you have an hour to burn, and you'll probably get hooked.