Revenge of the License- Parasite Eve

Michael Crisman writes, "My normal philosophy with this column is to introduce readers to lesser-known games, and maybe help them crack a smile or two in the process, but with its 16th anniversary looming on September 9th and the realization that it fit the parameters for this column, my course was set. We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled programming next Sunday.

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yazter1503d ago

Finally! An homage to a game worthy of exaltation!

This is a game that deserves--nay, *needs*--a reboot, or at least a continual.

The premise is awesome and it'll indubitably introduce troglodytes to this amazing game.

Inception1503d ago

The 3rd birthday is a reboot, kinda. But SE messed up a lot with the story :(

Now i can only replay PE 1 & 2 on my vita and wonder when will SE make PE 3...

thirtyandnerdy1503d ago

What a great read, thanks for this! I replayed this game a few years ago and it still holds up! The characters, writing, music, set pieces, CG, gameplay mechanics-- all of it combines to become a truly unique and special RPG. And that running animation.... Haha. But I had no idea how the game originated, or where SquareSoft got the idea. I remember I imported the PE movie well after I had played the game and I was so bummed that there was no NYC, NYPD, or really too much of anything to do with the game outside of some of the science with the Mitochondria and whatnot. And it wasn't until this recent play-through that I got Maeda's mention of the "Japanese" incident. It all makes sense now! Great stuff. =)