Destiny Story Explained - What is Destiny?

As the launch of Destiny draws closer, Arekkz Gaming has decided to take a deeper look at one aspect of the title that Bungie games are famous for. And that, is their lore.

The video below gives you a full breakdown of the story behind Destiny so that you are ready for launch day. What do you think the Traveller's intension are for Humanity?

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shinrock1501d ago

Great, that didn't tell me anything i didn't already know! If their is no real story i don't know what ill do! There is no one to care about, no one to hate. I just need some more personality injected into this world. I kill in other games, i can loot in other games, i can customise in other games, but giving me someone or something to care about or hate is very important to my overall exprience. And yesi am a story mode gamer before im an multiplayer gamer.

jjb19811501d ago

I am the same way. It's just not the same game when you're not emotionally involved.

CorndogBurglar1501d ago

Did you play the beta? There's definitely an overall story with characters.

shinrock1501d ago

I know that, but they haven't given me a reason to be interested in any of those so called enemies, or so called heroes. I might be wrong but i just not feeling it.

Menkyo1501d ago

The point is your supposed to find out the story the is no one person to hate there is five groups to hate. They want you to explorer and discover the story.

joab7771501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

At first I felt like the story was really convoluted. What is this traveller, and what the hell is the darkness. And if the traveler sacrificed itself for humanity, what are all these other aliens doing on Venus and Mars?

But I have faith and I believe it's kinda open ended for now b/c of the nature of the game, being an mmo of sorts w/ no single hero like Master Chief at the helm. I actually see this game as a sort of natural progression of Reach, w/ a nameless hero, finally combining all the different amazing game modes into one persistent world.

As far as the story, being set somewhere amidst this battle b/w the darkness and the traveller, I think it is perfect for our introduction. We will adventure and learn more and more about everything around us organically. As time passes, new content will tell us more, and it will feel like we are actually part of what is occurring as opposed to acting out a script. Who knows how much of this story Bungie even knows right now and will our actions actually effect what happens next?

It's a progressive idea for video games, and I for one wouldn't put it in anyone else's hands. No, it will not be a tight linear experience like Halo, but I'm glad it isn't (as much ass I love a great story). I also love the idea that we are the story too, and what we and our friends do in the world will be part of the legend. Ask anyone who plays an mmo for yrs, and while they may mention some story, they will recall first all the stories they created with the REAL ppl they played with. I can't wait.

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OUROSMAG1501d ago

Why not just play the game and find out?

shinrock1501d ago

I feel ya. But look at it like this. When i first saw halo, the first thing i was exposed to was sgt johnson. His personality drew me in.then the world was givin a little more light when i got a cilmbs of 343 guilty spark.i damn near lost my mind when i saw Cortana! I love characters! And at this point in the game i just dont have that feeling, and i know its Bungie(there hasn't been a Bungie game that i haven't played)and i know Bungie can weave a really good tale.

For me it not that i can do it,but its about why. I hope you understand where im coming from.

CorndogBurglar1501d ago

No game tells you what the stoey is or why you should hate a particular character before it is released.

You might know the basic gist of the story, and who the bad guys/good guys are, but most of the time you don't really know anything.

Look at Halo. Before the original was released, you knew that you were a "super soldier space marine", the enemies were some reilgious fanatics, and there was this mysterious halo thing that no one knew anything about (much like the Traveler Destiny).

What would be the point if you knew all the details before you played the game? We know as much about this game as any other pre-release.

I get it if you just aren't interested in this story, but to question whether there is even a story and characters is a little crazy and misinformed.