Super Smash Bros? More Like Super Sword Bros.

Hardcore Gamer: With recent roster announcements for the Wii U/3DS version, there's been a reoccurring trend.

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ValKilmer1555d ago

Ugh, I fully agree. Game seems like Soul Calibur now. What ever happened to brawling?

SuperBlur1555d ago

Super Smash Calibur U !

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago

I think you're talking about Soul Calibur 2, there.[special guest was Link, after all.XD]

BullyMangler1555d ago

To play with a 4 group of only sword fighters, you will have to ask for it, in the online smash lobby.

Its not like the game (forces) you to play against, "only sword wielders".

3-4-51555d ago

Lets Gather the Facts:

* How many total characters ?

* Of those, How many have a sword ?

If it's in the minority, then why the heck was this article written, other than being click bait.

thehobbyist1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Sword Fighers: 9
Non-Sword fighters: 28
Only 1/4 of the game is swords. There's still plenty of brawling.

AKissFromDaddy1554d ago

"Sword Fighers: 9
Non-Sword fighters: 28
Only 1/4 of the game is swords. There's still plenty of brawling."

That's 1/3 thehobbyist. 9/28 = 32%. Nonetheless for every 3 characters, there's a sword wielder.

FanboyKilla1555d ago

Lol i dont hear these complaints in the smash brother community on my wii u. Lmfao

randomass1711554d ago

There are still more characters in the game that use their hands and fists than sword characters in Smash 4.

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-Foxtrot1555d ago

I think the problem is they have so many non sword weilding characters to choose from and they still chose the ones with swords.

Take Fire Emblem for example. Marth, Robin, Ike and Lucina all sword characters, I mean come on. 4 characters from one serious which have swords. Then you have Dark Pitt using a character slot when it could of been a skin.

Pauline, Professor E. Gadd, Toadette, Wart, Ice Climbers, Wild Gunman, Excitebike guy

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago

Out of all of those you listed, only Professor E. Gadd sounds even remotely interesting to me, as a new character choice.
Pauline would likely end up being a character clone of Peach.
Toadette would likely have to come after Toad himself since he's been in the past couple of games as a Counter move for Peach and deserves his own shot first.
Wart I just can't see fitting in without being too much like either Bowser or DDD.
Ice Climbers, while cool and familiar, have been effectively replaced by Rosalina and her easily-respawnable and far more easily controlled partner that doesn't affect her recovery move if it dies.
Wild Gunman, I don't even know anything about, so I can't say anything about that.
And Excitebike Guy? Seriously? I mean, yeah, could be interesting, but a motorcycle is meant to constantly be moving forward; it just doesn't lend itself well to a fighting game, and being off the motorcycle would make the fighter himself feel awkward.

E. Gadd, however, has a wealth of options in inventions to use as special attacks, and his voice would be absolutely hilarious and fully entertaining to hear during battle.

-Foxtrot1555d ago

"Pauline would likely end up being a character clone of Peach."

Well that's up to Nintendo to make sure that doesn't happen

"Wild Gunman, I don't even know anything about, so I can't say anything about that"

Retro like

"Excitebike Guy? Seriously? I mean, yeah, could be interesting, but a motorcycle is meant to constantly be moving forward"

He would be off his bike and use the bike for his final smash.

shaw981555d ago

28 out of 37 fighters do not have swords and yet you are saying they only choose the characters that have swords? :p

I am getting tired of you hating on Nintendo threads.

Timbalada1555d ago

I agree, I think the amount of sword users is off putting because it is hard to imagine that the characters will play vastly different from each other and all of them share very similar aesthetics (save maybe metaknight). I have never played Fire Emblem but I'm sure there are characters that have other features besides blue hair and a big sword.

I would of loved to see as playable characters like Tom Nook or KK Slider, any Wario Ware rep (like Orbulon), another kong, Ridley, Tingle, Skull Kid, Doc Louis, a Platinum Rep, another F-Zero Rep, or even another full on Ganon. I like the idea of a Pikmin Rep that uses the flying and rock pikmin.

Grant it, this is a minor criticism on an already fantastic roster! Having Sonic, Mario, Pacman, and Megaman together already takes this roster to a new level. It's just Nintendo has so many great characters that you want to see them all in.

Concertoine1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Didn't you say you wanted Shulk and Chrom a few months back?

Im kind of sick of swords myself, but maybe they did a good job of making the characters feel different. Like Shulk looks interesting.

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herbs1555d ago

Yah too many characters wielding swords but I think this all ties in with providing the 3 Mii types their varieties of moves sets. What I'm trying to say is there are basically 3 types of characters in this game brawlers, swordfighters and ranged characters this includes the character roster. There will still be a massive varity within these three types and this doesn't really take away from the game, its a design choice that probably helps speed up development while providing fans with as many characters as possible...

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

As someone who has had a big thing for really awesome swords, I can't say I've got any complaints about the wealth of blade characters in the game.

There's plenty of alternatives to them, after all. They just stand out BECAUSE of how awesome their swords are.
If I really want to play a non-sword fighter, I'll likely either choose my Mii in Fighter mode or Captain Falcon. Or Sheik or Zelda.

randomass1711554d ago

I understand the complaint at all. The amount of sword characters doesn't even come close to half of the whole roster. Too many sword characters my foot. Lucina is a clone and Robin also uses magic. People are just looking for something to complain about IMO which happens a lot with Smash.

XtraTrstrL1555d ago

Pit's main weapon is a sword in this game? I'd think it'd be bow if anything.

thehobbyist1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

It breaks apart into dual-wielded swords. Most of his attacks use this form.

XtraTrstrL1555d ago

Oh, ok, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

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