PlayStation's Best New Games To Play This Week September 9/9/2014

This week on PlayStation's Platform marks the launch of one of the biggest and most anticipated games of the year. Finally after what has been an incredibly teaser with Destiny's Beta in the month of July. The Epic Sci-fi Shooter is now coming this Tuesday September 9th as part of Playstation's big week of new game releases.

Take a look at the full list of new games coming this week to PlayStation's Platform now.

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ArronNelson1555d ago

Destiny I am ready for you.

ginalee5541555d ago

This is the only game i am interested in playing this week.

cluckey071555d ago

It's likely the only game I'm interested in playing this month

Frankskint1555d ago

NHL 15 sweet. I don't know if any other debs would want to release a game this week for fear of not getting any sales due to destiny.

amyortega1311555d ago

Releasing a game this week in competition with Destiny is investment suicide.

brettjones4941555d ago

I am actually looking forward to NHL 15. Would be a nice change of pace, to balance my time with playing Destiny and Minecraft

patelsanjeed1555d ago

I definitely wouldn't launch a game this week. its kind of like competing against a bi movie launch like every Marvel movie I have seen.

edwardhuff6631555d ago

Mega Man X5, nice to see this launching next week too.

charliewong9801555d ago

Yep yep, cannot wait to get on the Crucible.

lisamorgan41555d ago

I was hoping for at least a FIFA 15 demo this week on PS4 too.

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