Kingdom Come Dev Openly Supports #GamerGate, Asks Adam Baldwin To Star In Game

One Angry Gamer "Some developers are afraid to speak up, some developers are afraid of being blacklisted and some developers are Honey Badgers and they just don’t give a crap. Daniel Vavra is one of those Honey Badgers, he’s the creative director for the Kickstarted game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance – a game, I might add, that has garnered more than $1.9 million in crowd-sourced funding."

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-Foxtrot1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I hope sites will take note of the "uncovering" Zoe has done lately...apparently she has turned "gamergate on it's head" because she stalked the chatrooms or something on sites like 4chan and "uncovered" that GamerGate, Adam Baldwin, the attacks, the hate, the whole damn bloody thing was organized from the very start before it even began. Despite the fact she cherry picked comments and put them together to fit what she is trying to state...people are actually eating it up aswell.

These are the logs that have been disproven, she faked them.

She's getting a little mad I think that the attention isn't on her anymore.

I find it hilarious though with the amount of evidence on the Facebook page how SJW are more abusive then people in GamerGate.

From the Guardian

Raw story

One of many twitter stories

Oh and some shit on Anita the con artist

and finally on Kotaku being bias

WilliamUsher1529d ago

Haha, yeah bro. You're a little late to the party, we got it up here:

Quinn is done, man.

Today is the day.

Camera Lady's video will nuke them.

-Foxtrot1529d ago

Well I don't know how I missed that. I'm embarrassed

Yeah she's on at 4pm. Can't wait for it, this whole thing is terrible towards gamers but it's a little exciting how many people have rallied together. Usually it's gamers fighting over games/consoles they are supposed to enjoy together but now it's against corruption.

Jeff2571528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


It just goes to show that most people who bicker about consoles are a very extreme minority of gamers. Gamers as a whole do not care what you play a game on. We just love playing games and will react when what we love to do is threatened.

EdoubleD1528d ago

This image says it all really.

Also, I have to give props to Adam Baldwin for standing up for us.

Reaon1528d ago

Damn, none higher than a 15/100? I really wanna read that full report, that's shockingly bad.

001528d ago

Apparently racketeering might be involved in this whole zoe quinn business

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1528d ago

Racketeering claim has nothing to do with it. Separate issue regarding indiecade and igc.