Why Third-Party Exclusive Games are Great!

Gamnesia writes: "Our most recent poll revolved around the idea of third-party exclusives and whether they benefited the industry. After perusing the comments, I found that the response with regards to exclusive games was for the most part a resounding yes. As far as exclusive content is concerned however, the answer is a flat-out no. I, for one, fall more on the side of being for exclusivity in games, but not in content. Despite the simplicity of this question however, the answer is far more complex.

There is an argument to be made that third-party exclusives can really provide a selling point for a given console. Looking throughout gaming history, many of today’s great franchises have been or started as console exclusives; Halo, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, and Pokémon (among many others) have been featured mainly on one console (although some found their way to PC). Would I personally buy a new system just to play a single series? No, but to me, spending a few hundred dollars on a PlayStation or an Xbox just to play the latest game in a given series is not justifiable, especially if I haven’t already been following the series. That being said, I completely understand some consumers’ need to do so, and to that, I say that it’s wonderful that they are so dedicated."

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cfc781528d ago

Not so great for those who only buy 1 console

Not so great for sales of the game either

Not so great for player/developer relationships

So are third party exclusives so great? I don't think so.

thorstein1528d ago

Well said. I don't think the author realized this. Can you imagine the total sales of a title like Titanfall if it were on all consoles? 80 million PS3s, 10 million PS4s.

colonel1791527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I disagree cfc78. Exclusives are meant to make you choose which system to buy. If there are 10 exclusives you want to play on the PS4, and just 1 for Xbox, it's very likely you'll buy a PS4 (first, at least).

The problem with 3rd Party exclusive is that they are handled badly. Third parties should make games for each console. Maybe PS4 gets Game A, and Xbox gets game B (from the same developer/publisher). However, publishers don't want to take any risks whatsoever, and don't want to spend any more money than absolute necessary, so third party exclusives comes mostly as jerk moves, like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I think publishers have the right to choose which platform they want to make the game for, and that's ok, but either they do it for the giant check, or they don't want to make another game for the other console to compensate.

For me it would be great if say, Insomniac launches Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One, but then their next game releases only on PS4, then maybe a multi plat, etc. If games were made that way, and publishers weren't those jerks looking only for money (but not wanting to give quality, quality or anything in return), then third party exclusives, would have more value and actually entice competition and improve quality.

But then you have clauses like Microsoft's that don't allow publishers release a game only on Playstation, or on PS first, and all those BS moves of parity clauses, etc. Sadly, this industry is moved by greed instead of passion.

Th4Freak1527d ago

Excuse my ignorance but how is a 3rd party exclusive different than a 1st party exclusive?

Basically your arguments apply to ALL exclusives, not 3rd party only.

Anyways, I don't think 3rd party exclusives are great but I don't see the problem with it.

cfc781527d ago

1st party is owned by the platform holder 3rd party is independently owned by the studio theres a big difference.

Th4Freak1527d ago

How about elaborate? You're not explaining anything.

cfc781527d ago

@ Th4Freak

I suggest you google it and if that doesn't help i'll find you some nice pictures see if that works.

Th4Freak1527d ago

What are you talking about? I'm talking WITH YOU about YOUR argument. Do you tell everyone who ask you to explain your argument to search on Google or are you just 13 years old?

thorstein1526d ago

A 1st party exclusive is redundant. It is already exclusive to the console and should be referred to as a 1st Party Title (Game). SONY will never publish a game on Xbox.

3rd Party exclusives come when a third party (say Respawn Entertainment) makes a game for only one system. They did this with Titanfall and it was only on the Xboxes.

Respawn doesn't have any affiliation with Microsoft and could have built the game for the Playstations. That is what made it a 3rd party exclusive.

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HentaiMasterRace1527d ago

Sounds like it's not so good to only own a Wii U then. PC, PS4 and Xbox One both get third party.

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Jyndal1527d ago

Well, the "next-gen" (current-gen) systems need to be the focus for the developers at this point. Making games for the PS3 and the 360 seems kinda pointless now. If you want people to buy your games make them for both the PS4 AND the XB1.

Nathan1701527d ago

Only if you fund the game.The most recent example is bayoneta 2 and is shaping up nicely.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1527d ago

Eeeee, for the most part don't really have anything against the extra content or 3rd party exclusives for consoles. Sometimes that content or even that game wouldn't of been made without the backing of one of the consoles and stuff.

All_Consoles1527d ago

Really looking forward to sunset overdrive

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