10 Things That Suck About Metal Gear Solid 4

Matt Butrovich of writes "The initial shock and awe of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has come and gone, and it's now time to reflect on Hideo Kojima's recently released opus. Though MGS4 is no doubt a stunning game and many would argue evidence for videogames being treated as art, it's by no means perfect. Having just completed the game and spent some time in Metal Gear Online, I'm here to share my gripes about the game. Being a long-time fan of the MGS series, it's frustrating to see MGS4 turn out the way that it did, but I suppose it is what it is."

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Homicide3829d ago

When I first read the first reason, I knew it had to be written by an xbot.

zapass3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

the kinda XBOT with some undeniable entertainment value while taking a break from playing this amazing game.


Veryangryxbot3829d ago

Another ridiculous bot trying to bring down MGS4 with retarded and just plain stupid silly things that arent even true.

DarkSniper3829d ago

Reasons 1-9 are the fact that this masterpiece is not capable on the inferior Xbox 360. The final reason is that breaking the fourth wall would realistically shatter the console into red rings. Psycho/Screaming mantis's scene alone would be too much for Xbox 360 processing to handle.


Gam713829d ago

I havent read the artical yet but given the responses all i can say is funny how the ps3 droids can dish it out, for instance halo 3, but cant take it.

Since when did you all start seeing it wrong to blindly bash a game despite reviews fans opinions and scores just for being on a different system?

Of course i don't believe this was written by a 360 fan and is nothing more than ps3 fans blindly attacking anyone who has their own opinion which is contradictory to theirs.

Heaven forbid someone should act like you guys TO you guys.

TheSadTruth3829d ago

When GTA4 first came out everyone shredded anyone who said it wasn't perfect and that's obvious the case here. Give it 1 month and then all you kids will be changing your tune when you realize this game isn't perfect.

And read the article idiots, he said it's still one of the best games ever made despite its flaws. Apparently anyone who has a life and doesn't live and bleed for Sony, is an Xbot.

gunnerheadboy3828d ago

The author requires a kick in the balls. Twice. No, three times.

Kleptic3828d ago

no one is whining that this guy is complaining about it...they are complaining about why he is complaining about it...if that makes any sense...

we were told Halo 3 would start off this generation...halo 3 delivered absolutely nothing in terms of visuals...that is what everyone complained about...also people complained because it was insanely overrated...

this guy's list starts off with the number 1 complaint being the fact that MGS4 is on the ps3 'and there is no reason for it'...whatever douche...if the 360 EVER delivered half the visual and audio experience that is MGS4, ever one of us would ever own one..the 360 does not have a single game that is even comparable to MGS4 in this sense...this is definitely the first title to really showcase a large peformance edge between the two consoles...not saying that the 360 could get an equally awesome looking game (Gears 2?...possibly, but it is very doubtful that anything UE3 based will be able to do it)

that is the point...MGS4 is so good that it by-passes anything a fanboy can throw at it...there is simply no reason whatsoever to not own or play may not be perfect...but it raises the bar to new levels in almost every single area...

there are people that will skip it simply because its a PS3 game...which is their loss...if you don't want to play the game that makes this generation seem like less of a joke, quality wise, go right ahead...some of us on the other hand kind of enjoy playing one of the best games of all time...

rbrtchng3828d ago

I thought the same thing. Nobody can hear the uncompressed audio? I guess..since we're all deaf by the amazing uncompressed sound.

Gam713828d ago

"this is definitely the first title to really showcase a large peformance edge between the two consoles...not saying that the 360 could get an equally awesome looking game"

How do you know the 360 couldn't get an equally awesome looking game?
If someone spent as much time on the 360 like they have on this then i would say as good or better going on the way multiplat games have turned out.

"there are people that will skip it simply because its a PS3 game...which is their loss..."
Like the ps3 fanboys do with 360 games? like you did with Halo 3? Bioshock?, oh wait thats coming out on the ps3 now so there has been a change of tune.

Very contradictory.

So everyone has such a good ear that they can tell the difference with uncompressed audio... and the equiptment to play it at an adequate level.

I think its a lot of people who have heard it has uncompressed and are boasting about it despite the fact they are playing it through their tv speakers.

It might be able to take the criticism fanboys can throw at it (like halo can) but you have to be aware of the blind praise it gets because of fanboyism.

I'll wait til I see it in rumbelows shop window (don't know anyone who has one now that hasn't traded it in) on a hd tv hopefully properly set up before i make my assessment on its graphics as what i have seen doesn't warrent the praise its been given.
It's not the leap I keep hearing in graphics and KZ2 GoW2 look better.

You can call that last para from me fanboyism but thats how i feel.
Unlike others who would rip a game to shreds and dismiss it because its not on their console. Everyone on here that is. I will wait til I see it first.
Which could be a while.
If it blows me away I will say so.

phony force slayer3828d ago

take a look at wot you write before you take the piss out of someone you dont know

Pain3828d ago

cant say that better.

i like being a PS whore it gives me more time to :3 my PS3..

themyk3828d ago

GoW = God of War.

get it straight.

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nightfallinicedearth3829d ago

please tell me that this article is a joke.

cellypower3829d ago

thats what I was thinking lol.

Jamie Foxx3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

who wrote this.i guess green has never been more fitting for some,but not all 360 owners the envy is evident
jealousy is a terrible thing,this is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever made and im glad a dont have such a alliegence to one plastic console over another that it would stop me playing such an amazing masterpiece,every game has flaws but to complain that its a ps3 exclusive that shouldnt take away the enjoyment of the game thats why the term 360fanboy comes into play here

dont be green be smart

fredy3829d ago

just for being honest and sharing his honest opinion that is valid to him.

nothing is perfect, get over it.

this guy hits all the nails on why the game is not perfect.

everyone can go whine, hate and cry now.

Gam713829d ago

So even a good game cant have flaws?

This has to be written by a 360 fanboy...

why because the person doesn't live in your ps3 flavoured fantasy land where everything $ony means you have to bend over and take the lies like its whipped cream.

Given ps3 fans opinions on halo which are contradictory to everyone elses not on just 360 owners i'm not surprised you cant take criticism.

yet you can dish it out...

San anto3829d ago

8/10 of the reasons are pointless and pity.
The other 2 no vr missions and no boss mode, oh well i'll live with mgo =D

SGT (UK) ftw

poopsack3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Its obvious this guy is a joke when 5 out of the 10 "flaws" he says mgs4 has are an attempt to attack the PS3. And its pretty obvious when the first reason is: dur whys is its on zeh Playstation three? and because out of the thousands of games that exist, he compares it to GEOW because kojima chose to make the game appealing to shooter and stealth players alike.

If it were the other way around with a PS3 fanboy saying

10 things that suck about Halo 3:

1) It should be on PS3! PS3 has bluray and it could have more stuff in the game! Its just Microsoft throwing out money!

2) Its the same thing as Halo 2 only better weapons,better graphics,and a few more features, at least with PS3 they could have used sixaxis.

3) online is good but you still have to pay for it.

and so on and so on.

It'd bet itd be you complaining about such an article.

Panthers3829d ago

I quit reading after number 1. Like this guy knows what the disc was filled with... He is assuming a lot saying that it was all audio. Get over it. It wont be on 360.

jadenkorri3829d ago

or does it seem ps3 exclusive games get ripped on more than 360 exclusives...

Dark General3829d ago

Did he call it Metal Gears of War? Seriously the first act so far has been the WORST act to sneak in because of all the action going on around you. Not just that but it's really difficult to spot places to sneak through in act 1. The following acts from what i've played through have alot more emphasis on sneaking.

CallOfWar223829d ago

Bought a PS3 on MGS4 Launch and can't seem to like MGO. I've already put 5 to 6 hours into it. Single player I have barely gotten into so I can't agree with him on that. MGO is seriously flawed. Shooting someone for in the chest for 30 seconds wont even kill someone. You have to reload twice before you can kill someone. The matches where I fire all over the place I have gotten the most kills because I get random headshots. Cover system sucks. Worst I have ever come across so far. Graphics look like PS2. And it really pisses me off how Kojima releases a better version of his games a year or so later. Thats just stuff that he could've had on the game from day one. And people bash how developers are ripping off consumers with Downloadable content. When their fav developer of all times been doing it for years.

Jack Bauer3829d ago

1. a lot of it was prolly audio, but after playing the 4 disc game Lost odyssey on my 360 i have realized that it doesnt take too many cutscenes to warrant an extra disc...and mgs definetly has plenty of say at least 3 discs on 360 (but for a linear game, does it really matter? the time it takes to change discs is less then install times between acts)

rest just basically attack extras and not the game itself, because it is freakin amazing.


After leaving the n4g scene for a minute the power of green still makes people crazy.

Yipee Bog3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

He gripes that MGS4 doesnt have features of previous games. Then what is the point in making a new game? Just play the others, then play this new one, that simple. He just needs to go and play some more halo or gears to get his fix of a story lacking game. Too many cut scenes, Just a hint if you push start, there is a word there that says SKIP, try it, it makes the cut scene go bye-bye.
and by the way, the id system being crap, I had no problems registering my game id and konami id, is he still holding on to the Beta fiasco? I had NO problems at all.

vickers5003828d ago

Only half of his points have any merit, 4,5,6,8, and 9 are the only ones that are reasonable gripes. The rest of his reasons are just stupid and childish.

BattleAxe3828d ago

The guy who wrote the article is a complete morron. The first point he makes shows that he is clearly an XBOX fanboy.

Buy his way of thinking, why is GEARS of WAR exclusive to XBOX anyway, MS just threw a bunch of money at the devs to keep it exclusive.

Complete idiot, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about and totally exagerates on every point.

Britjadg3828d ago

@ 1.10

i would think it takes you 30 secs to down someone because of lag.
that or ur a sh1t shot! should be going for headshots anyway.

as to article. there are a couple reasonable points in there but they have been exaggerated and skewed rather infavourably. i clocked up 17 hours on my first play through. the game can supposedly be completed in 6h:30 and will unlock certain secrets in the game. personally i doubt the masses will manage this before the 4th or 5th runthrough of the game. (there are other requirements for unlockables with the rush too, such as only being spotted 3 times in whole game, which is elite!!)

its a great game, an exceptional game, some of the cutscenes do seem to go on a bit but they are no means claustrophobic. its a truely masterful piece from kojima and its ghey that every1 keeps b1tching about it.

Pnuts3828d ago

this game is probably the most dramatic and exciting I have played this year and the points he make are very evident in the game. Every games have flaws, but just think to yourself when you were playing the game. I didn't care about the flaws when playing it, I was to memorize by the story and the outstanding graphics. This was the perfect way to end the series and I wont be surprised if they make a film out of the game. You only realize the flaws after you look back on the game, saying that every person who owns a ps3 should still buy this game.

juuken3828d ago

It's full of sh*t, that's what it is.

lessthanmarcus3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

That can hear uncompressed audio and I love it. Stopped reading after I read the paragraph on controller bashing. I think the fanboyism in him is going too far. Sony threw a bunch of money at Konami? Yeah I'm sure they threw 50 mil at Konami back in 1998 to keep MGS from going to NG4. Didn't Microsoft spend the GDP of several small countries for the rights to GTAIV content?

Hoggy19833828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Funny how everyone is bashing the 360 and its owners when no 360 people have criticised the game in this thread. Calm down, hes a PS3 owner looking to get some hits on his site. Thats it

Quickstrike3828d ago

the only thing that does suck about MGS 4, it has a ending.

TheExecutive3828d ago


Come on, its obviously a 360 fanboy.

Why you ask?

1.) The guy is complaining that its a PS exclusive
2.) He brings gears of war. all the 360 fanboys bring up gears of war like it was the first game ever made. Which for them it pry was since this is most likely their first generation of consoles.
3.) It brings up the triggers of the playstation controller. He said he never noticed until MGS4... ugh... this very same controller has been around since 1998. So he just now notices?
4.) He says hes a die hard fan of the series and the screams foul about some of the very staples that makes the series what it is.

Sorry but this article fails. you can tell by reading it that its an ingenuine peice of garbage journalism.

uie4rhig3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

right cba to register there so here goes if the author is reading:
1. No reason to be on the Playstation 3
same reason applies for Gears of War 1/2, Mass Effect, and a lot of other 360 exclusives
2. SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 triggers are terrible
3. Gameplay is basically Metal Gears of War
4. No Boss Battle mode
5. No Theater mode
on drugs much?
6. No VR missions
too much crack i think?
7. Way too many cutscenes
8. Konami ID system is a joke
just like you ;)
9. Region locked multiplayer
all games on 360 are region locked!!
10. Ridiculous install system

but those two 'real' reasons aren't big factors anyway.. so
EPIC...............EPICFAIL.. ......EP...EPICFAIL.......EPIC F AIL........
EPIC...............EPICFAIL.. ......EP..............EPICFAIL . ...........
EPIC...............EPICFAIL.. ......EP...EPICFAIL...EPICFAIL . ...........
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EPIC...............EPICFAIL.. ...........EPICFAIL.......EPIC F AIL........

EPICFAIL..................... ............EPIC....FAIL...... E PICFAIL
EPICFAIL...................EP ICFAIL.....EPIC......FAIL..... E PICFAIL
EPICFAIL...................EP ICFAIL...EPIC..........FAIL... E PICFAIL

EDIT.. this post failed epicly.. copy and paste into notepad ;) will work ;)

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OgTheClever3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

First point complaining about the game being on PS3 = instant failure of the article.

It also complains about MGS4 being a GeOW clone.

/end of me ever going to that site again

Homicide3829d ago

GeOW = Resident Evil 4 clone.

stunt2133829d ago

MGS4 a gears clone even though teh first one its been out like 9 years before gears

Sovannah Phum3829d ago

homo-cide, didn't get the memo from cliffy about the fact that he stated he borrowed the over the shoulder view from re4. talk about forgetting so quickly.

Panthers3829d ago

How does this game even come close to copying GeOW? The cover system? MGS had a cover system as well.

BTW, I never used the cover system in MGS4 because it was just easier to move around without being pressed against the wall.

ape0073829d ago



see it on youtube

and.... don't mention re4 and geow in the same sentence

re4 tear it apart

morganfell3829d ago

Exactly. Give him and his editor exactly what the article obviously desires - our absence. No web hits, no comments, nothing. One big huge ignore button.

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Fishy Fingers3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

first reason... moaning about exclusivity?

Second reason... Sixaxis triggers? I guess even an xbox loyalist finds it hard to find 10 faults in a game of this caliber.

"installs"... Ooooh original. Shame he couldn't "install" some creativity into his rants.

resistance1003829d ago

The triggers aren't even that bad as well, i mean i think they work well seeing how they are used in MGS4.

Fishy Fingers3829d ago

Triggers aside, that's a flaw with the controllers design, not the games. There for it holds no weight in the "article"

Anyway, you use R1, L1 much more than R2, L2.

ps... controller wise, I really like how in cut scenes you can shack the pad and return snakes Octo-Camo to default.

Kleptic3828d ago

is that what does it?...I wondered why if I dropped the controller sometimes the octocam would return to normal...

and you are a puss if you can't get the equip/unequip function to work with l2 and R2...

cellypower3829d ago

that site has to be a joke right?