Destiny: A Guide to Chilling in The Tower

Destiny is a social game. It may focus heavily on shooting aliens, flying speeder bikes and uncovering the mysteries of humanity’s Golden Age, but it’s built to be played with friends and random players. Bungie’s mythic sci-fi world is shared between everyone, with other Guardians showing up seamlessly and naturally during gameplay, just doing their own thing.

The Tower is Destiny‘s primary social hub. Located within humanity’s Last City, it is a place where intrepid Guardians gather between missions to advance the story and buy new gear. But the Tower is also a reprieve from the game’s intense action, and you’d be surprised by how much unexpected fun there is to be had there. Here is a list of little activities you can take part in before heading off on your next mission or entering the Crucible.

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BallsEye1503d ago

Already got limited edition pre-ordered. Destiny is a great game but is it really social? I wan't to see some general chat instead of being forced to invite people to group just to ask if they wanna team up for something. Fable 2-3 had it right. As long as you stand next to other people you can hear them talk, and you can talk back. Don't like the noise? quit general chat. This would make hub town way more alive. Now we just have a bunch of dancing people everywhere.

taijutsu3631503d ago

Yeah hope there is proximity chat! Also hope we can write in local chat!

ScottyHoss1503d ago

Could possibly use the DS4 TouchPa as something of a menu! But as usual, developers will probably neglect it D:

NintendoYouth1503d ago

anyone looking for others to Destiny with hit me up . NintendoYouth on PS4

Bluebird81503d ago

you may want to state timezone for that aswell.

NintendoYouth1503d ago

that totally slipped my mind.
kudos bluebird. I live in Los Angeles

Bluebird81503d ago

wrong side of the world for me =)