Titanfall 2 Expectations: PS4 Version, Current Gen Only, Better Single Player Experience And More

"Titanfall had created a sensation with its pre-release gameplay footage as we had awaited a game in fidgeting anticipation, and the game had delivered right upto our expectations."

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XBLSkull1506d ago

PS4 users still hold that Titanfall sucks, so they might as well make it an Xbox exclusive since clearly it isn't desired for PlayStation.

lategamer1506d ago

Gamers aren't a hive mind, neither are PS4 owners, X1/Wii U owners. I'm a PS4 owner, I played TitanFall on X360. It was a lot of fun. I would love to see TitanFall 2 on X1/PC/PS4 (drop last gen support). The game was really refreshing from a gameplay perspective. I loved the fluid movement.

pedrof931506d ago


you're so jealous aren't you ?

I like titanfall, the problem is whole thing around the gameplay that don't suffice. Actually Titanfall is not even a AAA title is more like an Indie. Next Titanfall will be bigger and more complete I'm sure.

OmegaShen1506d ago

Well seeing how they ruin the game with dumb AI, yeah of course PS users don't want it.

I got more then double the kills in most fps's in Titanfall, my friend spent her time kicking the dumb AI.

grayfoxx8811506d ago

Give it a rest already. It's apparent you have an agenda every time you post your garbage comments. No one takes it seriously.

Forbidden_Darkness1506d ago

Just because a bunch of Playstation owners on N4G are trolls, that doesn't make up the mass of the Playstation community as a whole... You know what right? If it would have come to Playstation (PS3/PS4) as well, the game would have potentially doubled the sales of the game at least. Especially considering PS4 games have at least doubled Xbox One sales.

GarrusVakarian1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

The ability of holding onto bitterness and resentment for long periods of time in people like you is unmatched. Bravo.

Seriously, it's a skill, you should be proud.

I bet you still have some of that old, 2009 bitterness left over in you, from when Uncharted 2 came along and blew everyone and everything away, don't you?

On topic (sorta) - Garbagebolt strikes again. 15 unnecessary slides. Such a low-rate site, ew.

RamboRabbi1506d ago

Don't forget the PC community we also think it was an overrated turd of a game.

DarXyde1506d ago

Personally, I don't care for Titanfall, but I don't speak for everyone. That aside, sequels are always a chance to improve upon the original formula.

It's not for us to say; when the game comes out and if it's multiplatform, sales will suggest level of interest by platform, so wait and see.

More interestingly, I do so avidly recall the idea of PlayStation 3 having multiplayer only titles like Warhawk seeming ridiculous to Xbox only gamers. There definitely seems to be a change of heart.

Try not to lump everyone into a vocal minority. ;)

Ninver1506d ago

Glad the properly enhanced version (TF2) will be coming to the ps4. Thanks for beta testing the first game my xbone bros :)

Clarence1506d ago

Well Xbox fans must feel the same way, being that titanfell didn't live up to the hype surrounding its release.

blakstarz1506d ago

Where do you get that notion from? I own both XB1 and PS4 and I think Titanfall is a fun game to play.

AceBlazer131506d ago

If the sequel is anything like the original then my view still stands that the game is overrated. Wouldn't drop a cent on it. Does that mean I wouldn't want it on my console of choice? Nope, more games the merrier that's what I always say. You know choice, something Xbox diehards wouldn't understand.

Diehards and Fanboys I don't mean regular Xbox fans.

kryteris1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

It kind of sucks, the single/online experience was a complete joke. The game modes are stale, boring.. but the gameplay with mechs, pilots is fantastic. IMO it was rushed for the X1. Looking forward to part 2.

Boody-Bandit1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Played it on the X1 (GameFly) and PC (free to play on Origin for 3 days). Could've scored it for $20 bucks on Origin and I still passed on it. IMO is was the epitome of a rental.

I loved it for the first few hours and than it wore on me the more I played it. By the 3rd day I was contemplating sending it back to GF but held on to it for a few weeks. I kept going back seeing if it would grow on me, sometimes games do if I go back to them when I'm not feeling them out of the gate, but it didn't.

Unless Respawn makes drastic changes to it I have no interest in the sequel. IMO it is the most overrated games thus far this generation.

Way too bare bones, horrible campaign mode, performance issues on the X1, horrible AI and overall just not enough content to warrant full MSRP. Just another in a long line of games that should've been held back another 6 months to a year.

XBL / PSN / Origin (user name) BoodyBandit
^For those that might question whether or not I really played it.

Copenhagen1506d ago

Since the game has been so quickly FORGOTTEN on the X1 and they NEED. The PS4 sales I could argue that without the PS4 version there WOULDN'T be a Titanfall 2. Whether you like it or not the fact is that Titanfall didn't sell gangbusters on the X1 and had it been fully exclusive to the X1 it would've been a huge money loss for Respawn. And not being multiplatform from the first installment may have already hurt the future of the franchise as it is.

Mystogan1506d ago Show
NoDucks1506d ago


Just like you guys alpha/beta tested that piece of crap Destiny... yeah your just jealous that we got the good game first. Like Tomb Raider. #IndieStation4

gootimes1505d ago

I hope they have more actual players and less bots...

Scatpants1505d ago

I have a PS4 and I think Titanfall is good. As a matter of fact I think it's the only really good thing on Xbone right now. I have an xbone also, but it's pretty much collecting dust. Looking forward to Sunset Overdrive and to a lesser extent Forza Horizon 2 then it's back to dust collection since there are no other exclusive that are close to coming out that look good.

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r1sh121506d ago

the single player didnt really make much sense and at one point there was a glitch where you couldnt unlock the last mission without going through all the previous missions sequentially.
I left after completing the 2nd last mission then couldnt get to the last.. Stupid.

On topic - The multiplayer was quite fun, it did become repetitive.
Im not sure but Im sure the devs saw it as an alternative to COD which it is but for me it did get boring after a little while.
for me new maps dont really change anything, it would have been nice to add more titans and weapons..

I havent really been on that game for a while, maybe they did...

stormplyr1506d ago

Gotta get that ad money

smt_Nocturne1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

i saw site name and never clicked.

On Topic:i'm still waiting for Titanfall PC Vs X1 gif Comparison lol xD /s

incendy351506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I do wish it had a Single Player component. Gameplay wise they nailed it but there isn't really a narrative to build the brand off of. I suppose COD and BF have the same issue though, really only Halo has had success in building a world and characters people care about when it comes to competitive FPS's.

Subaruwrx1506d ago

I don't buy games that do not have a single player/off line mode. That said, I'm all for diversity but, I hope developers will still give us guys who like to play solo something to play.

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MrWonderful1506d ago

I would hope environment destruction would be in the next one. There's something not right about having a giant mech yet I cant crumble a building that some person is shooting me from.

Forbidden_Darkness1506d ago

The problem with this is that the map would eventually be leveled to nothing and the game would suffer from that a lot.

MrWonderful1506d ago

Not if it's done like battlefield where a few buildings take damage but don't collapse

ScottyHoss1506d ago

In a tight urban center it would work, tall buildings,maybe even something along the futuristic skylines of movies like total recall (remake). Adding titan wall running or parcore could be a possibility,but not sure how fluid it would be

maniacmayhem1506d ago

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the parkour element of the players who are not in a Titan?

I think leveling most of the buildings would give a serious advantage to the Titans.

Scatpants1505d ago

Not if it made large piles of realistic looking debris. It might make for slower movement but there would be tons of hiding places to snipe from. It would also reduce the mech's manuverability as well.