Dishonored – Retrospective Review

Dishonored is a game about revenge; sweet, sweet revenge. Framed as the murderer of a beloved empress just minutes into the game you, Corvo Attano bodyguard and spy for the imperial family, are arrested and thrown into the deepest, dankest cell of Dunwall’s maximum security prison. If nothing else, the first 10 minutes of Dishonored explain its title perfectly.

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AmbaLaBamba1504d ago

5 star review but it has negatives, didn't think that could happen? And from what I remember the game was pretty lengthy if you didn't haul ass through every level.

ContinuePlay1504d ago

Maximum scores don't mean something is perfect. There's no such thing as perfection.

UltraNova1503d ago

In its sense of presence and gameplay satisfaction, Dishonored IS perfection.

Funantic11504d ago

The game was decent and free.

immabadguy1504d ago

The game was incredible while it was $60.

fanboysmackdown1504d ago

Loved the game with it's Bioshock/Half Life type gameplay and atmosphere. Can't wait til the new machines get a sequel. Heard these guys were working on Prey 2, anyone heard anything new on that?

tlougotg1504d ago

This game was a gem and deginitely enjoyed it Alot more then bio shock infinite. I'm going to replay this again soon.

viper35121504d ago

Well, bioshock infinte was never going to be able to recapture the rapture magic. But, Dishonored was a new IP with a compelling story and great gameplay, so it did great. I liked both, but yeah, Dishonored wins.

1503d ago