All but confirmed: Activision, Microsoft leaks are legit

The leak torrent from marketing firm Intellisponse regarding upcoming Activision and Microsoft projects, games and peripherals is indeed *mostly* the real deal, said one industry insider with first-hand knowledge of the events.

While not all the information contained in the massive Sunday evening leak can be confirmed as of press time, a source told GamePro today that anything with screenshots, box art or guitars in the title was legitimate.

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GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

when all these journalists are going to be whining and complaining saying "MS didn't announce anything we didn't already know". You know it always seems to happen and then come the jokes of "the worst kept secret on the internet". I don't know if MS needs to start firing internal people and going after companies like this intellisponse for damages. It seems like there is always some ahole who takes a crap on the surprise of MS at E3 every year since the 360 launched. Last year was no different. MS please send the ninjas after these people!


RonDeMuerte3828d ago

Microsoft is such a piece of sh!t company.....come up with something yourselves instead of copying and doing everything that Sony has already done....if this is part of what Microsoft is gonna be showing at's weak!!!!!.......and whatever Microsoft copies from Sony they downgrade it cause if that's a pic for Xbox live "home" looks childish and crappy.....

Death3828d ago

You do know that half the features in Home are taken straight from Live don't you? Sony has been in the console business for over 13 years spanning 3 console generations and yet they have been behind Live on features for how many years? So far Sony has "borrowed" disc based media, memory cards, online, HDD, wireless controllers, KB/mouse, "3D". analog controls, etc from other consoles. The list goes on. This is the nature of business.


socomnick3828d ago

Ron if it bothers you so much buy both systems enjoy the best of both worlds. I own both and Ill tell you what my xbox get about 10x as much love from me as my ps3 and you know because Microsoft always delivers on the games and the software.

GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

How are those Achievements or errr sorry Trophies on the PS3 coming?

Like I've said before PS3 owners wouldn't even know/want IngameXMB if it wasn't for the 360 dashboard doing it and the same thing with custom soundtracks.

All companies borrow ideas.

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Bad_Karma3828d ago

Microsoft ever had an ORIGINAL idea then they might be able to keep it under wraps until THEY actually want it announced .... just a thought :)

Silogon3828d ago

These are way better than Home avatars. They're more inviting and they're more unique. Not to mention these will hit months before Home ever will, lmfao! How sad is that, that Sony was beat to the market again with their own device?

A victim of their own work one could say. haahahah Teach them to procrastinate next time I suppose.

Scott_Steinberg3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

you got ta be joking silogon.So your saying you rather have crap then a quality product?

DriftMax3828d ago

You idiots are getting agrees for posting such stupid sh**, the fact that there were game consoles before playstation. So wouldn't that mean that sony copied other consoles?

wicked3828d ago

I think they must have shares in Sony!!

thehitman3828d ago

I mean if they copied other consoles by creating a console lol then yea but thats it. They first to have a disc first to have analogs their library of games is the most incredible thing outside of PC and they continue to look for new ideas and things for their consumers. What has MS done for the industry besides Online?. Nothing and they cant even get that on the level it should be.

socomnick3828d ago

Sony has never brought anything new into the market. The only two things that they created or brought forth that were original were blueray and hdmi that is all. This was not because they wanted to make great games but because they wanted to stealth push their movie format. Using cds in games , rumble etc that all was used in previous consoles or stolen by sony.

Linzoid3828d ago

Tell me one thing Microsoft have innovated? I can think of several Sony have: Buzz, Singstar, Eyetoy and that's just for the Playstation. Not to mention other products they've released including the Walkman.

I'm not trying to bash Microsoft, but it does seem that they always copy other peoples ideas. For example Windows was copied from Apple, Scene It was a blatent copy of Buzz (Microsoft didn't event try to make it look different).

Companies including Sony always copy good ideas, it would be stupid not to, but I think Microsoft need to learn to innovate a little more and they wouldn't get as much stick as they do.

montavious3828d ago

So Xbox Live doesn't count? Sit in a corner and hold your breathe all you want even the most diehard Sony fanboy will admit how good Live is.

Linzoid3828d ago

I have to agree with you, Live is quality.

IaMs123827d ago

Uh im sorry to say Sony was not the first to use CDs, Sega Saturn was.... i remeber my friends had one not too long ago... unless sega saturn came out afte PS1 but that seems and looks unlikely if you compare the games...

dantesparda3827d ago

The Turbographics 16/PC Engine/ Sega CD had it long before the Sega Saturn did. And Live is not quality. The only thing it has over the PSN is basically the cross game chat/invites and the unified friends list. Now is that really worth $50 a year? I've already paid $150 for Live since the 360 first came out, and i barely use it. And when i do, all i hear are racists. And the PC does online better for free!

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titntin3828d ago

I've got no issue with the copycat products MS is intending to launch. All companies do it to greater or lesser extent, and MS has a history in all its businesses of copying the innovators.

As long as they do it well, it simply means more choice, and once a good idea is in the open it would be stupid to not appreciate it and go where it leads. Mimicry is flattery. As long as we gamers get more choice and good titles it can't be bad thing for us.

I must admit to being amazed by these leaks though. I might hate the way MS markets and talks BS, but they normally do control the way the media is fed information, so its amazing to see such sensitive details leaked in this way. I wouldn't be surprised if they were 'stage managed' so that people think they know whats coming for E3, and then they pull a real secret out of the bag to a big fanfare.

I think they still need something more and I'm hoping we see it. Sony does have momentum, and I'm expecting to see some stuff from them at E3 that IS still secret, so heres hoping MS has some more too!

Superfragilistic3828d ago

I agree. All creation in business and art is based on the influence and ideas of other, that's how innovation occurs!

As for the leaks, I'm pretty sure it's a deliberate move by MS to smother MGS4 coverage and build brand awareness/hype leading into E3. I'd also agree that all parties will have cards up their sleeves and this is merely MS letting some of the lesser ones go for publicity and a bit of misdirection so they all shock us with an Alan Wake or Halo Chronicles reveal come the press conference, etc...

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