FIFA 15: 10 Players Who Definitely Deserve A Lower Rating

WC: Earlier this week, EA Sports began upping the anticipation and excitement levels for the much-coveted release of FIFA 15 by drip-feeding us the ratings of the top 50 players.

So far, we’ve only had the first thirty and debate is already raging over the fact that Iker Casillas, a ‘keeper who had a horrendous World Cup – his decision making was particularly questionable in the mauling Spain faced against the Netherlands – a ‘keeper who also, until recently, hadn’t even been Real Madrid’s No.1, maintained such a high rating of 84 – this is, however, a rating drop of two points from his FIFA 14 level.

The debate of FIFA player ratings will be a debate that our kids will argue about, and their kids after them and their kids after them…you get the picture. FIFA will never EVER release a game were the users go: “Yep, all 16,000 or so players are rated perfectly.”

So, until the impossible utopia is reached, let’s take a look at who we think will be knocked down a peg or two this time around. Will Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor World Cup mean he falls further than the two-point gap between him and Lionel Messi in FIFA 14?

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LightDiego1504d ago

I wonder if the developers from EA Sports follow football, just look at Brazil squad on Fifa World Cup game, lol.

ovnipc1504d ago

Disappointed that di Maria its not in the top 10.

dreamoner1504d ago

Is fifa perfect otherwise that such small matters matter now?

Drakul1504d ago

yes, those players absolutely deserve lower rating.

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