10 Doctor Who Video Games That Must Be Made

Following these less than successful forays back into video gaming and the recently closed MMO Worlds In Time, Doctor Who gaming is once again in limbo other than the Minecraft DLC. But despite its less than shining track record, a strong Doctor Who game is possible. It’s simply a matter of choosing a decent genre (significant market penetration will always be difficult for a puzzle game), and tying it into the Doctor Who Universe properly.

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-Foxtrot1528d ago

I'd love a Doctor Who game made by a good studio.

In my opinion, they should get Paul Mcgann and base it off his Doctor since we didn't see much of him HOWEVER with his version they should create an alternative timeline where the studio can tell different stories from the TV show, so for example he won't become the war Doctor and he won't regenerate into Christopher Eccleston he'll regenerate into someone new created by the studio so they can tell their own rebooted version of Doctor Who.

With this idea they keep all the mythology of the old Doctor Who series while not being held back by the rebooted series, since lets face it some stories in the new series create some problems and you wouldn't want to cause plotholes or gaps.

thorstein1528d ago

They should have an episode where the Doctor is forced to click through 10+ pages of very short text EVERY time he needs to read something.

Maybe the Doctor can find a cure for this affliction. Is it all in his head? Or is something more diabolical going on?