IGN: Mabinogi Unleashes Pets

Nexon America Inc. is adding a new dimension of game play to Mabinogi with the addition of pets as in-game companions. This exceptionally popular feature supplies players with an exciting new enhancement to Mabinogi's already massive offering of gaming features.

Players can choose from five new pets: a dog, two cats, a fox and a wolf. Players purchase a pet card through the Nexon Cash Shop and can personalize the pet by naming it. Pets run and attack faster than humans and have skills just like human characters, allowing pets to level up to improve attacks and skills. Each pet has its own distinctive appearance and skill set; a cat might be able to wield powerful magic while a wolf utilizes powerful melee attacks. The benefits of pet ownership, such as extra inventory space and battlefield assistance, truly shine as pets age and grow alongside their owners.

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