Crysis even better: texture mod pics

Some weeks ago, the news on a texture mod for Crysis started ( Now there are some new screenshots to be seen which show the possible improvements graphics wise.

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gw4k3777d ago

See a difference?

Not sure that i do.

IzKyD13313777d ago

i was thinking the same thing, i couldnt tell which one was the modded one and which one was original until i scrolled to the right and saw it labeled lol

Crazyglues3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

For a second I wasn't going to say anything because not only could I not really tell a difference but Crysis-Original looked better to me in pic 3...

So I was really lost. -I really don't see how this can be an improvement when it's almost impossible to tell the difference..


Ok I see a difference in the pictures - Fanboi 2.1- below posted... but those first pictures, I really couldn't see a difference.

spoz3777d ago

just the same over here.. =o

Bolts3777d ago

The differences are there, you have to look at the right screenshot.

Its amazing how incredibly high res Crysis's textures are. I guess thats why its impossible to port this game to the console. Theres no way you can cram high res textures in systems that can barely run games at 640p.

Ali_The_Brit3777d ago

ahhhhh a PC fanboy, dont see many of them around do you? PC is dying my friend, and crisis is coming to PS3 and will look just as good as any top end PC

TheIneffableBob3777d ago

ahhhhh a console fanboy.
As ignorant as ever.

thehitman3776d ago

pics are better BUT not even remotely better to call it "Better" and advertise it on the web like its a difference. The difference is insanely small and if the difference has to be compared side by side and magnified to see the difference its not big enough to be called "Better".