OXM: Tales of Vesperia Preview

Since the Tales franchise has traditionally bounced back and forth between Nintendo and Sony consoles, fans were a bit shocked when Namco announced late in '07 that its first next-gen installment would launch exclusively on Xbox 360. Knowing that Microsoft's console isn't doing all that well sales-wise in Japan.

Vesperia director Yoshito Higuchi explained that when they finished Tales of the Abyss for the PlayStation 2 in 2006, they had to decide which platform would house the team's next chapter in the long-running RPG series. Xbox 360 appealed to them because of ease of development. On top of that, Higuchi told OXM that it isn't just that he hopes putting the game on 360 will bring more attention to the platform in Japan - his team also thinks the big 360 audience in North America will help expand the fan base for the franchise.

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MrWonderful3873d ago

being someone that loves rpgs i will get this on 360 and then again later on ps3 if it has extra stuff like eternal sonata" which i havent bought because im going to import it for ps3"

Robearboy3873d ago

Only half a million 360 owners in Japan, but i bet you them 500,000 are and will be having some fantasic fun

eddierivera3873d ago

But the gameplay and story was worse than any other rpg Ive ever played. I hope Tales of Vesperia is nothing like Eternal Sonata.

GiantEnemyCrab3873d ago

Great to hear/see the Japanese developers really coming to help the 360 in Japan. I will be picking this game up for sure, the artwork is stunning.

360 is the console to own for "next-gen" JRPG!

NinjaRyu3873d ago

I just hope the support from J-devs continues to find it's way to the 360!