Super Mario Galaxy is 35% casual, SSBB is suited for the casual and hardcore

The Nintendo Channel has been updated which allows you to view tons of stats. When you view a game page, you can check to see whether a game is for gamers or anyone, if the vibe of the game is casual or hardcore, and whether or not the game is best played alone or with a friend. Surprisingly, the population of Super Smash Bros. Brawl owners are split dead even in regards to game is for, and only 35% of Super Mario Galaxy owners believe that the title is hardcore.

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Smacktard3777d ago

I think SSBB is pretty hardcore. SMG, however, is the most casual Mario game ever.

jtucker783777d ago

Although whether a game is casual or not is merely opinion, it doesn't change the fact that the games that score highest in those casual stats happen to be the most bought games too.

This is a depressing fact, because what is the incentive for 3rd parties to continue to produce hardcore games if it's the casual games that are selling?

Thank goodness there are still companies like High Voltage willing to give it a try.

r10003777d ago

No freaking wonder... that's why i lost so must interest in SMG... and thats a first for me... I've played and beaten EVERY mario game that ever came out.. until galaxy, i really didn't like that game...