Motion Control

Sony Tries Its Hand at Changing What's in Yours

When the Wii was announced and the concept of its controller was revealed to the world, many a gamer said that it was a gimmick. I thought it was a gimmick. Maybe you did as well. Once the Wii was released, the console began selling like wildfire. Much of its success was attributed to that crazy Wii-mote that was able to strike a cord with the "casual gamer." Apparently Sony has gotten the message.

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xsteinbachx3963d ago

Wow! I'm surprised Sev didn't post this himself! He's usally all over his own articles.

kewlkat0073963d ago

maybe this thread will be similar to this one..

Both companies "would" be doing the same thing really...let's see how this plays out.

himdeel3963d ago

...about 3 dozen people who'd get a 360 or PS3 right away if they had some Wii-like games with a Wii-like controller. Could you imagine how BEAUTIFUL the games would look? I can and I for one would welcome this peripheral if it does nothing but give my wife a reason to play a game with me as well as keep me from having to buy her a Wii.

My home is a Wii-free zone!

Pornlord3963d ago

My home is wii free as well my friend. I, for one, would like to see this controller. You know how all the games on the Wii look a little cheesy??? You know the wii sports bowling where some of the characters don't even have legs? It's basically lego bowling. Well imagine a bowling game on a BD disk, PSN capable in full HD? I'm kind of excited.

LevDog3963d ago

Well if Ps3 really does come out with Wii style controllers.. They may not be the first but I think they might be the best.. Ps3 has one edge over 360 and Wii.. 360 and Wii can only support 4 players.. Ps3 with its bluetooth, can support up to 7 peeps and maybe more with a firmware update..

So motion controller 7 friends and a party style game.. Ps3 could smash the competition..

They would just have to market it well.. Push the 7 peeps and Blu ray

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