Wii Fanboy interviews High Voltage on The Conduit

Wii Fanboy recently got the chance to pick some of the brightest minds at High Voltage about their upcoming game, The Conduit. Wii fans have been liking what they've seen from the game, but there are still many questions left unanswered. That was, until Wii Fanboy asked the folks at High Voltage those questions, which cover everything from the game's plot on down to multiplayer.

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BrotherNick3828d ago

That interview seems quite interesting and I feel that I can trust these guys aren't hyping.

ChickeyCantor3828d ago

" we looked at and stole shamelessly from mega-hits like Halo and Half-Life, recent titles like Resistance: Fall of Man and Metroid Prime Corruption, as well as classics like Goldeneye for the N64. We wanted to pick the best features from these titles"

IF they mix the F out of this and bring out a good FPS then ill be playing the Sh*t out of it =D

mepsipax3828d ago

So far so good, these guys have a huge hype surrounding the game, so it will probably sell pretty well, I really hope it can match my expectations as good solid fps I don't think it will be revolutionary but god dammit the wii needs more shooters.

PS360WII3828d ago

Yeah good interview. They seem level headed and are excited about all the hype and they are right diversity is key and the Wii is lacking on FPS. Also I'm glad to hear them say the Wiis control is tailor made for fps ;)