GTA IV Car Glitch/Bug writes:"This is probably the most annoying glitch in Grand Theft Auto IV EVER! So i spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect sports car to put in front of my safe house… still can't find one and i still can't find one. Eventually i found the car i was after, started to drive it back to my safe house only to find about 50 parked outside it! After all that time and effort gone to waste.

Why is it that when you try to find a car your after, it never shows up but as soon as you find one and start driving around you run into loads either parked up or driving.

Here's the glitch/bug in action, i had to show it, screenshots and a video."

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rroded3776d ago

How can you not know that the car you drive affects the cars that spawn around you?
It was the same in every other gta to date...


Nevers3776d ago

I've always wanted to see if anyone has made or attempted to make a progression chart as to what cars spawn what. Like if you wanna get the Porsche or Ferrari clone which mediocre cars should you "jack" to get them to spawn

... and does anyone know if there is more than the ONE Lamborgini? I don't even think more Lambos spawn when I'm driving the one I got from the "mayor"...

Ri0tSquad3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I never seen that many of the same car parked in one area. Never.

Nevers3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

and no I've never seen it in game quite that bad I still think it's normal for GTA gameplay. I'm playing on a 360 and I had something similar yet to a lesser extent happen to me in near my Bohan safehouse several times.

I remember a comparison review that stated the PS3 version spawned more people and cars on average than the 360 version so I spose this was bound to happen sooner or later. With my initial lack of driving skills more cars and people sounded like more of a curse for me anyway.

Kakkoii3776d ago

It's not a bug.

When you find and drive a car that is hard to find. It's like "unlocking" it. Once you've driven it. It's easier to find.

It makes it so your hard to find car is now readily available for you to find and get away from the cops in faster :P.

Although I wish it wasn't like it. It would be nice to have your own little collection of rare cars.

LiquifiedArt3776d ago

They do this because Instancing is cheap as hell compared to having 10 different models in memory at once. Instancing FTW.! Still figuring out exactly HOW-TO find a nice car when you have a crappy one would be a nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.