Spong: Microsoft or Sony Which Wii Remote Will Get There First?

Rumours of a PlayStation 3 Wii Remote copycat have set the stones of the games rumour mill grinding again.

This time, has said that it "understands" such a device to be in the works. According to the site, the peripheral will be able to break apart into two separate modules, each with its own accelerometer that allows it to work as an individual motion-sensing controller. Apparently the device is already in the hands of certain developers.

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QuackPot3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

especially if the new controllers are backward compatible with existing games - firmware update or otherwise.

The Xmote and Playmote are perfect for shooters. Plus, there are a varied range of games for the next gens which could easily utilize the new controllers.

In short, developers have and will continue to make money with the Next Gen consoles when the new motes come out.

Must buy, day one.