Dubious Reviews gives Metal Gear Solid 4 104%

I have never cried while playing a game. Not until MGS4, that is. At the end of this game, I am not ashamed to say that I fell to my knees and wept; I wept for myself, for my penis, and for my planet.

I would award this title 95% were it merely a game, but MGS4 is more than that. It is a beautiful metaphor for the tragic emasculation of humanity in today's cold, modern age. This game has the courage to stand up and say: The Garbage Men are real, and they are within us all.

This surely merits at least another 9%, don't you think?


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TheHater3802d ago

LOL...This is a first. I played the game, and I still cannot believe how good this game is. After playing it, I don't feel like playing anything else because of the massive difference between them.

Jamie Foxx3802d ago

but im still in shock over gamespots score!

juuken3802d ago

Yeah, I feel the same way. I forgot about the other games I need to beat. x3

TheHater3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

@Jamie Foxx
What did Gamespot gave this game? I am banned from that site for call them out.

I know what you mean. I was suppose to beat Folklore to give it back to my friend, but since MGS4 came out, that all I have been playing. I haven't touch the online as yet. Dam this game is good.

@AlterEgo and Luca Blight
Thanks, I didn't know that. Well it look like Judgment day is coming. Better start building a safe house because the day gamespot gives a ps3 exclusive a 10, is Judgment day.

Luca Blight3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Gamespot gave MGS4 a 10/10.

EDIT: I got a disagree for posting what Gamespot gave MGS4? LOL - how is that even possible?

juuken3802d ago

Hater, I was supposed to beat Devil May Cry 4, and I haven't even touched GTAIV in a while. This game is still in my PS3 from when I get home from my college. I convinced my fellow girl gamer to get it because she was interested in the plot when I explained some of it to her. :3

So yay, we have yet another person buying MGS4.

Cartesian3D3802d ago

cuz of GAME itself not Gamespot perfect score..

every site that reviewed this game under 10 cuz of Cutscenes are all bunch of stupids who wants to press some bottons ,kill some aliens and beat the game without any story ... and they dont enjoy this title because they dont understand the story..

to All 360 fanboys and Haters , if you dont want to help PS3 sales,just rent this game.. You will wet your pants after playin this game.. its DAMN EPIC.

TheHater3802d ago

I have yet to beat Devil May Cry 4, and I got that game the day it came out. I don't know, but for some reason, I don't like it very much, and the story is not interesting at all.

Jamie Foxx3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

lol you called them out lol,good on you they are bias as hell but guess what...even they had to realise true majestic gaming gamespot gave mgs4 a ps3 exclusive 10/10 lol

juuken3802d ago

Know what you mean Hater. DMC4 isn't bad but I hate the idea that they split up the missions between Nero and Dante. Nobody can replace the badass Dante. u_u

TheHater3802d ago

yeah, I would have prefer to play the entire game as Dante. I hated how half way trough the game, you were force to switch characters, and you basically play troughs the same level again. I guess that why I stop playing. :(

juuken3802d ago

Yeah, I'm on mission 10.
I hated fighting Agnus. :[

I hope when they do consider a DMC5 that they make Dante the enter of attention again and bring back freakin' Vergil.

Xiru3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Wii isn't selling.

See? I can say stuff thats totally untrue, just like the post two above mine.

nix3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

damn chris buffa! not again!

EDIT: dude will11, what happened man..? i know you've been talking (good things) about this game for quite some time. too addictive? q:

TheHater3802d ago

Or the can make an entire DMC game about Virgil. I would personally would like to play an entire DMC with Virgil as the main character, and explore his background and story a lot more

juuken3802d ago

Yeah! That would be great too!
...Holy crap, we're off topic. o_o;
...Anyways, yeah. MGS4 is freakin' awesome. Whoever doesn't buy this game is missing out on an amazing experience.

(And don't hate ya'll but I'm still on Act One. ^^;;;; Finishing these last two classes at my college is hampering play time. >.<)

TheHater3802d ago

I am currently on the last part of Act 5, and I don't want to finis the game as yet. I have to study for Finals this week, and after that, it all MGS4 for the next three weeks before I start my Summer Semester. College sucks went a great game such as this one comes out

KingKirchner3802d ago

I feel the same way. MGS4 is the greatest game I've ever played and IMO greatest game ever created. However, it comes with the price that everything else will feel mediocre for a very long time.

MGS4 has raised the bar so high it seems impossible for anything else to reach it for a VERY long time.
As the credits in the game said "Voice of God: Hideo Kojima"

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heyheyhey3802d ago

the game is.... more than perfect?


Pain3802d ago

but im good with 104%.

resistance1003802d ago

Just so you know it won't let me enter 104 as a review score so i have entered the maxium score possible (i.e 100%)

resistance1003802d ago

Lol at the disagree's

I just stated a fact

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