Gearbox, Gas Powered Talk Nvidia GTX 200

Nvidia recently an Editors Day at its campus in Santa Clara, CA, at which the company unveiled its new graphics hardware, the GTX 200 GPU family, and offered up hardcore gaming, visual computing, and compute functions as examples of the core uses this new technology serves.

The event began with a demo of the upcoming Photoshop CS4, which will include 3D object manipulation and editing. The demo included 2D decals being applied to 3D models as textures. While the tech wasn't demanding enough to trumpet the quality of Nvidia's GPUs, it did show that gaming isn't going to be the be-all-end-all purpose of its processors from here on out -- a thread that was taken up and run with throughout the day.

After the short presentation, David Kirk, Nvidia's chief technical officer, came out to discuss the company's direction, particularly CUDA, technology which allows non-graphics applications to be coded in C and run on its GPUs.

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