Castlevania's Igarashi: '2D Is Still Alive'

Veteran publisher Konami recently announced Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the third Nintendo DS title in the twenty-year-running action platformer series.

Following the announcement, Gamasutra sat down with series producer Koji Igarashi, who is well known to fans by his nickname IGA and who has a tendency to appear in public somewhat theatrically wearing a cowboy hat and wielding a whip.

Igarashi, who has shepherded the popular series for the past few years, touched on his outspoken passion for the 2D format, his thoughts on experimenting with the Castlevania formula, his love of Bionic Commando, and why he harbors a fear of fans yelling at him.

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InMyOpinion3959d ago

Does he live in a cave? Seriously...

Alexander Roy3959d ago

He's got some crazy hair, it's everywhere! Anyway, can't wait for the next Castlevania.

kewlkat0073959d ago

give us another "Symphony of The Night" Masterpiece, enough of the 3-D sh^t.

I can't begin to Imagine how Huge that castle could be with loads of replay value.

Finish the game at 400%.

littletad3959d ago

But just thought I'd shout out my love for the DS Castlevania games. The next one looks awesome.

likeaboss3023959d ago

I'll take one 2.5D (what some call 2D games using 3D backgrounds and character models) 1080P Castlevania please on 360 or PS3. Just come on already!

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