Gamesradar Space Siege - hands-on

Words: Dan Stapleton, PC Gamer US

''When we last checked in on Space Siege, Chris Taylor's classic action role-playing game series Dungeon Siege series was spinning off into the future, trading goblins for aliens (exchange rate: 2.4 aliens per goblin). While clearly a rehash of three-year-old Dungeon Siege II technology, SS shares the same dungeon-crawling appeal transplanted to a new setting, and introduces substantial new gameplay elements and philosophical questions about what defines humanity. Thanks to a preview build from Sega, I got to test out the first few hours.

The stage was set with a cutscene of Earth being destroyed by genocidal aliens known as the Kerak. One city-sized human ship escaped, but not before a large boarding pod full of aliens attached itself to the hull. As the engineering specialist on board, I took up arms and helped beat back the invaders with an assault rifle and magnablade (an energy sword a la Halo 2). After escorting civilians to safety and repairing the ship's engines, the crew was ordered into stasis while the ship was flooded with gas, killing anything that happened to be breathing at the time.''

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