Can Too Much Hype Ruin a Game?

From Spore and Resident Evil 5 to Fallout 3 and Left For Dead, The Checkpoint looks at a couple of games where the hype behind them could potentially ruin them before people ever play them.

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Drekken3865d ago

Not if said hyped game is as good as it should be. Hype doesnt ruin games, bad devolpment choices ruin games!

If a game is hyped, a lot of people want it. When the game comes out and is a shell of what it COULD/SHOULD of been... then the disapointment in that game would be greater then a less wanted title. So the devs of hyped games need to step it up a notch... call kojima if you have any questions.

Organic_Chemistry3865d ago

I agree,

Only games like RE, MGS4, SH etc. live up to the hype, MGS4 wasnt even half as hyped up at GTA4 and look at its pure beauty and perfection. Simple math...

Hyped Game (+) + Poor Delivery (-) = a negetive result (or net 0)
Hyped Game (+) + Great Delivery (+) = a positive result

pharmd3865d ago

the only thing hype helps is sells.... hype doesnt help gameplay, maybe just builds up expectations.... so $$$$ it helps but it doesnt ADD anything to the experience

Hellsvacancy3865d ago

wot a stupid question of course it does Halo 3, Kane and Lynch, GtaIV anybody

Tawnokoi3865d ago

Kane & Lynch was a terrible game, regardless of the hype. The whole Gamespot controversy didn't exactly help its image either.

sprinterboy3865d ago

I personally think it is the gamer who hypes the game up to much for himself imo. I normally watch 1 or 2 trailers of a game and if that interests me then I will play the demo and go from there (if there is a demo, Failing no demo, I would then rent the game 1st before purchasing. I think the gamer over hypes the game for himself. Watching to many trailers and reviews spoils the game when you come to finally play it.

Cynical-Gamerzus3865d ago

WHo cares we all want HD and HD graphics and such!
Were a graphics driven generation who pays top dollar for graphics and cutting edge crap.
hype is good if the game lives up to it..GTA4 was crap technology and didn't live up to crap thats where hype is bad..

Silogon3865d ago

Hyping any Resident Evil game is cause for it to be ruined. No Resident evil has truly ever come thru for the audience it set out to claim. Sorry.

Everyone past part 1 was a let down in more ways than one.

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The story is too old to be commented.